Can You Use Healthy Weight Loss Supplements While Breastfeeding?

Bringing a child into this world is a massive physical and emotional undertaking for the woman who carries it to term. If you’ve recently gotten pregnant or given birth to a child, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Following conception, your body begins to change in very drastic ways to make room (literally) for the fetus. A tremendous amount of weight may be gained as your body stores nutrients to feed the fetus while it’s growing (and it tucks away a little bit extra just in case you get lost in the wilderness and can’t eat for a few days). Simultaneously these physical changes trigger hormonal changes that wreak havoc with normally stable emotional health.

All of these challenges typically fall by the wayside when the child is born and meets its mother for the first time. The struggle of carrying around a small human being in her abdomen fades away as mom looks into baby’s eyes for the first time, listening to its tiny, helpless wail from a swaddle of blankets.

Although the mom’s mind may be completely focused on the health and wellbeing of her baby from that moment forward, her body doesn’t bounce back quite so quickly. Many mothers are eager to lose the “baby weight” as soon as they’re medically cleared to do so, and they want to lose it FAST. But unlike before, when they only had to worry about their own health, now-breastfeeding mothers have to worry about what they may be passing to their delicate new child.

As purveyors of healthy weight loss supplements like natural garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones, the WiseLife Naturals’ team is often asked whether or not these weight loss pills are safe for breastfeeding moms. We’re concerned about the health of all our customers, so we decided to look into it! Here’s what we found:


The Most Important Ingredients For Nursing Moms To Avoid

  • Ephedra – This ingredient, once common in many weight loss pills, has now been found to be very dangerous. Some people who used products containing ephedra in the past experienced heart-related problems, including heart attack and death. As you can see, this is a risky substance to ingest at any stage of your life, nevermind when you’re breastfeeding a newborn.
  • Herbal Laxatives and Diuretics – These ingredients are often included in weight loss pills for adults because they trigger an immediate release of water weight. While this isn’t long-lasting fat loss, it’s often encouraging in people who are just looking for the numbers on the scale to go down. Losing weight this way while you’re breastfeeding can also be harmful for your new child. “Losing water weight through a diuretic effect is actually counterproductive because your body needs adequate fluid to produce breast milk. The supplements may also contain substances that could adversely affect your baby,” explains Livestrong.
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan – Also known as “Oxitriptan” this amino acid and chemical precursor is used as an antidepressant, appetite suppressant, and sleep aid. Unfortunately, 5HTP may affect your milk supply or your baby’s neurological development and should be avoided while nursing.

Choose WiseLife For All Your Healthy Weight Loss Supplements

We’re proud to report that the above ingredients will never be included in our natural garcinia cambogia or raspberry ketone weight loss supplements. That’s not to say that they’re 100 percent safe for every nursing mother, however. You should always consult with your primary care physician before starting any weight loss pill regimen during lactation.

However, if and when your doctor has evaluated the ingredients and given you the all-clear, we invite you to shop our full collection of healthy weight loss supplements. We help you to harness the power of nature to shed that baby weight so you can look and feel your best!

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