Questions To Ask Before Buying Supplements Online

There was a time when seeking a certain supplement or natural health remedy required you to visit a local store or place an order through a catalog, and hope that your product actually arrived in a timely fashion.

The advent of the internet has been a great equalizer when it comes to both information about and access to supplements for natural health. Now, those who are looking to find natural ways to boost their joint health, hair, skin, brain function, or even lose weight can simply conduct a few searches. Within seconds they’re connected to information sources as well as online stores like WiseLife Naturals where they can obtain everything they need.

As with information, however, it’s important to choose your suppliers of online supplements with care. You wouldn’t get your news from just any website, so don’t buy your supplements from just anyone.

WiseLife Naturals is committed to providing natural solutions to health problems faced by nearly everyone in our modern society. In a world that’s flooded with chemical toxins and pharmaceutical medications that mask symptoms rather than heal root causes, we hope to be a refreshing alternative. That’s why we’re so passionate about making it easy and safe for people to buy supplements online.

If you’ve been wary about purchasing natural health remedies online in the past, we completely understand. We’ve put together a short list of helpful questions that you can ask yourself when shopping for supplements online.

Remember, if you ever have any questions about the supplements for joint healthhair, skinbrain health, and healthy weight loss we sell here at WiseLife Naturals, we’re only ever an email away!

Things To Consider When Buying Supplements Online

Before you add that bottle of capsules to your cart and click “complete my purchase,” stop for just a second to ask yourself these brief questions.

If you can’t answer them on your own, take a minute or two to click around the website on which you’re shopping to see if they’ve answered these questions on any of their pages.

If you really want to know the answer, find out if they provide contact information via which you can speak to a qualified representative of their brand or company.

If you’re still in the dark after exhausting all of your options, you have to ask yourself: do I really feel comfortable buying supplements online from these people?


Is it a brand I recognize?

These days it’s easy for anyone to slap a pretty brand name and label on a product and start selling their wares to anyone who finds their website. That’s not to say that new companies can’t make quality products, it’s just a matter of familiarity and reputation. When it comes to buying supplements online, however, you’ll want to be sure to show preference to brands that you know and trust. Those that have been around for 50 years are probably doing something right, whereas someone who just popped up last week might still be working out some kinks.

Here at WiseLife Naturals, we make it easy to buy supplements online from well-known brands like Shape Organics, Gaia Sciences, and Kerala Herbs, in addition to our own proprietary supplement products offered under the WiseLife Naturals brand. This allows you to compare brands based on their ingredients and formulas, and choose the one that’s right for you.

Is it backed by real consumer reviews online?

If you’re interested in a new product, or a familiar product offered by a new brand, one way to figure out whether it’s viable or not is to check out the reviews of people who have already purchased it. These consumer reviews may be displayed right on the website itself (as we do here on WiseLife Naturals for each of our products), or they may be found other places where products and brands are sold or reviewed on line (think: Facebook, Google+, Yelp, and Amazon).

If you really want to be sure you’re not getting tainted info (or supplements), always check the website called “Supplement Reviews.” They post consumer reviews of supplements—no company or anyone related to a supplement company can post reviews.

Is it tested/certified/verified by a third party?

One way to be sure that your chosen online supplement provider is going above and beyond to ensure you’re getting a quality product is by looking for third-party certifications. While supplements for joint, hair, skin, brain, and metabolic health aren’t necessarily evaluated or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, there are brands who choose to submit to voluntary testing. Conducted by third party organizations, these tests help to ensure that claims about purity and potency are valid so consumers can feel comfortable with their purchase.

Here at WiseLife Naturals, we prefer to work with brands who submit their products to third party certifications and testing. Our own nutraceuticals are fully tested and inspected in an FDA-regulated and GMP certified lab right here in the USA.

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