How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration Power: Natural Ways

How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration Power: Natural Ways


Are you always forgetting something? For old people, being forgetful is the already common because it is another sign of aging. Everyone may probably know how it is embarrassing to forget things that you badly needed at a young age. Don’t worry because there are great ways to improve brain power and long term memory.


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  1. What is long term memory?

  2. Improving your Memory power

What is long term memory?

There are many best ways to improve long term memory, but before that, it will be nice to know first all about long term memory. It is the dual memory’s final stage which a certain data can be stored for long span of time. Unlike the working and the short term memory, the information in your brain can last indefinitely. This explains that even your grandparents may be forgetful but they tend to remember the great memories they had when they were young.

It is also called as reference memory. Wherein a certain individual will refer to this memory in order to do almost whatever task at hand. This type of memory can be divided into two, the explicit and implicit memory. These divisions may talk about consciously remembering information and even unconsciously aware of doing their task with the information stored in their brain.

Improving your Brain’s Memory Power

It is really frustrating on your part to be forgetful even at a young age. Aside from brain injury that is another example of long term memory loss, you may just have troubles in terms of concentration and in processing and even storing information to your brain.  To help you more, here are the best ways to improve a long term memory:

  • Have a complete sleep – having complete sleep is important in forming your long term memories. This allows your brain’s neuronal connections to be adjusted during sleep time. If you deprived yourself from quality sleep, this is the main why you are lack focus and added attention to what you do.
  • Do some brain exercise- for those people who are slowly becoming seniors, if they are fond of playing card games, reading, writing and even doing crossword puzzles, they really have a sharp memory. Doing these things, they are delaying the start of severe memory loss or dementia. Doing some mental exercise, two times a day will strengthen your memory and refraining from memory loss. Better try this is the one of the best ways to improve a long term memory.
  • Get rid of stress – it is given that you experienced being stressed from your workplace or your home. The brain tends to release cortisol when you are stressed. It is a chemical in your body affects the brain functions and your memory. That is why as much as possible, if you can just avoid stress, you better stay away from it. Learn some anti-stress tips from WiselifeNaturals.
  • Consider natural herbs. Did you know that there are natural herbs that you can consume in order to improve brain function? That’s right. These compounds that boost and improve brain concentration power are called nootropics. Some top nootropic herbs include Bacopa, Ginseng and Ashwagandha.

Doing all those things will help you from being forgetful. To improve your memory power, better try these best ways to improve a long term memory.

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