Natural Remedies for Anxiety: Bacopa and Other Powerful Herbs

Have you ever felt like anxiety has already overpowered your life? If you have this feeling, you should take steps to avoid sinking any deeper in despair. You are still the captain of your ship so you should try not to let this thing ruin your beautiful life. There are so many things that you can try especially in the modern world today. All you need to do is be positive and try a natural remedy for anxiety.

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The Effective Natural Remedies

Aside from taking medications, there are various kinds of natural remedies for anxiety. And because they are natural, you don’t need to worry about harmful side effects. Where can you find these natural remedies? Well, you don’t have to go far to obtain them. This is because you can simply find them right in your own home.

Take a look at the following natural remedies for anxiety:


Have you ever wondered why there are some people who love to consume Bacopa tea? Well, it’s because it provides a calming effect on our emotional state. That is why this herb is considered a natural way to decrease anxiety.


This herb also has a calming effect and works as a natural remedy for anxiety. For rosemary tea, add one or two teaspoons of this dry herb into a cup of water and bring it to a boil. Leave it for 10 minutes allowing the herb to steep, then strain and drink. Another way to ease anxiety is to inhale it by using it like incense. Indeed, it is an effective anti-stress herb.

Celery and Onion

These two can frequently be found inside our fridge and contain large amounts of folic acid and potassium. A lack of these in your diet may cause your level of nervousness to increase, triggering anxiety. To avoid this, it would be best for you to consume at least two cups of these vegetables or a combination of the two for one or two weeks for best results.


Sunflower, corn, sesame and coconut oils are a good remedy for anxiety. These oils can best be used as a great massage oil. To start, you will need to heat six ounces of the oil until it gets warm. Apply and rub it starting from your scalp down to your feet. It will be most effective if you massage it all over the body before you take a bath in the morning. Or if you want to have a good nights sleep, you can also complete this massage before bedtime. This is simply the best natural cure for stress.

These are the natural remedies that will surely give you that calm, relaxing feeling allowing you to beat anxiety. There is no reason not to try these especially since you may already have the items in your home. If you are facing challenges in life, why don’t you consider these natural remedies for anxiety and choose to live healthy?

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