How Cordyceps Improves Brain Health, Fights Stress and Boosts Immune System

Are you looking for a potent way to fight stress and depression? Or are you in need of a brain booster? If your answer to either question is yes, the search is over. Cordyceps tea is all you need! The fungus Cordyceps sinensis is a supplement packed with effective ingredients that are highly soluble in hot water. According to lab research, 90% of Cordyceps dissolved in water by the second round of brewing.

Wise Living Key Points

It improves brain health*

Cordyceps improves brain health by dealing with chronic stress that can impair cognitive function and memory.* Chronic stress may also lead to depression, mood disorders, and speed up the neurodegenerative process which can cause Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.* Cordyceps work by targeting chronic stress.

It improves NK cells*

The ability of the body to fight tumor and infections depends on the availability and efficiency of the Natural Killer (NK) cells. These are very functional first lines of defense that offer a protection mechanism to the body called the Immune System. According to a number of scientific studies, Cordyceps have specifically concentrated on NK cells along with their effects. Actually, a certain in-vitro study debunked that Cordyceps gives another layer of enhancement to NK cell activity not only to normal individuals but also for those who are suffering from leukemia. Due to the profound influence of Cordyceps on the immune system, it is not a surprise that natural Cordyceps have been used in a wide range of medical conditions especially for patients who are suffering from altered immune system functions. So if you want a newer height of protection against anxiety and stress, and diseases and illnesses, the best way that you can do this is to improve the immune system by supplementing with Cordyceps.*

It reduces fatigue*

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or you live a very active life, it is likely that fatigue is one of your serious problems. If so, experts suggest that you focus on improving cellular energy production as well as oxygen supply if you want to spare yourself from fatigue.  And how can you make this possible? According to a placebo controlled study, the use of Cordyceps supplements showed an improved reduction of fatigue and nerve pain among elderly patients when they suplemented with 3 grams of Cordyceps on a daily basis.* Another study revealed that this effective supplement can also improve shortness of breath and reduce fatigue in patients who are suffering from heart failure.* Also, this supplement is found to be an effective nerve pain reliever among athletes.*

It leads to increased cellular energy*

Cellular energy, or scientifically noted as the ATP/IP ratio, is very essential in order to fire us up to carry out the everyday challenges in life. This supplement has been clinically proven effective when it comes to increasing cellular energy* by up to 55 percent. It is also considered as a potent energy supplement.

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AdderPlex™ with KSM66® Supports Concentration, Focus, Energy, Memory

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