6 Easy Ways to Improve Short Term Memory

Having a high-performing memory is essential for everyone. It is very frustrating to experience forgetting where we put our keys, the name of your fifth-grader teacher, and other necessary information. And as we age, it’s not only the long-term memory that is affected, but also the short-term memory.

Ideally, to improve short term memory, you will have to get adequate sleep or rest, eat healthy foods, and work out your brain health. When you do this, your facility of preserving information will be maximized hundred percent. There are several tips on how you can get through your short-term memory loss.

In this article, let’s take a closer look at 5 easy ways to improve short-term memory.

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Take a break

You should not force yourself to continue memorizing or studying your lessons for a continuous six or eight hours. You have to break your study hours, setting time to loosen up, listening to music, or watching a sitcom. Your body and brain need some rest, as even machines do.

Stay hydrated

It is a fact that coffee will keep you awake when you feel lethargic. Nevertheless, taking too much caffeine is going to make you nervous.

Eat small meals

To improve short-term memory as well as brain focus, you must not subscribe to what others have told you. A big dinner or lunch is not going to get your body energized. On the other hand, you are only going to feel sleepy. This is the reason why we most commonly feel lazy after a big meal. We just want to slump on the bed or sofa.

Try Imaginative links

This one method to improve short-term memory and sharp mind is most commonly done by means of linking your lessons with a concept or a thought. It is among the methods which were proven to make recall easy and fast.

Pick a convenient chair

The chair should be able to make you feel relaxed, but not too much relaxation as to make you snooze. However, you must not sit long because it could make your blood go down to your lower extremities. You should do some stretching, extending your hands high, and breathing in and out to awaken your body and limbs. Moreover, if you are on your break, you should not just transfer to another chair but do some stretching.

Set your study time

It is furthermore among the methods that can help you improve short-term memory. You know very well when you work best. By following your body clock, you can study in an effective way.

If you promised now that you would do better for your finals, and that it is your last chance of passing an almost failing subject, these tips will be able to assist you on how to improve short term memory. Or you may also try taking brain support supplement.

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