9 Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Unfortunately, depression requires long-term treatment and medication. This comes with the fact that supporters of the patient need to stay patient and understanding all throughout. Their physical presence can do something to help the patient cope with anxiety and depression.

Let’s talk about the symptoms of anxiety and depression. By being familiar with these signs, you should care more for your beloved partner.

Wise Living Key Points

Feeling Hopeless

Certainly, you wouldn’t allow your spouse to feel down all day. Even without forcing him to cheer up, your presence will help him recover at the perfect time.

Lack of brain focus

It is evident that a patient with depression also finds difficulty in comprehending reading materials, doing body movements, and even speaking words. When you interact with a patient with this disorder, you will observe that his attention is not yours, but of other objects or mere thoughts.

Easily gets irritated

There are times when a patient shows anger at a high level even on small topics and instances.

Loss of pleasure

This is applicable on doing the previous activities like in sports and short conversations. With lack of energy, the person appears to be ignore the attention given by family and friends around him.

Suicide attempt

This is a harmful symptom as it already involves life. If a spouse failed to stay beside his partner for a long period of time, there is a high chance that an attempted suicide may happen in the peak of panic attack. No one would want to hear the news about a depressed individual who just ended his life out of hopelessness.

Feelings of guilt

After failures and negative experiences in the previous years, a patient selects to blame himself for his present life. Even if he is not actually responsible for such circumstances, it is hard to make him realize. The patient doesn’t entertain what his loved ones tell him.

Personality changes

Even a nice person could turn into a totally different individual when anxiety and stress attacks. Surprisingly, you may just realize that you are living with a person you longer know personally. It would be hard to adjust because you’ve been living with the person for many years. Certainly, you will miss him the way he acts on the previous times.

Poor social life

It is also evident that a person would choose to stay at home instead of going out with friends. Consequently, there’s no more space for learning new things and meeting new faces. It is sad to know that depression builds a bridge between people who are supposed to meet along the way. The disorder stops the patient from expressing himself.

Body and nerve pain

This is more on the physical aspect but still negative. This might be a result of too much thinking to the extent that the patient is no longer involving himself to vigorous activities. Without doing anything, the patient will definitely feel weaker in the long run.

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