20 Ways of Staying Awake and keeping Brain Focus at Work

Are you distracted to get a pillow and sleep during work? How many hours did you spend last night? Office is not the perfect place to continue your sweet dreams. Certainly, you are aware that the company pays you to perform tasks, not to think for bedtime.

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Here’s how to keep awake and enhance your brain focus at work:

Choose a positive mood inside the office

This will help on boosting energy. Wear a smile and spread a positive aura.

Stay motivated

Thinking of your goals will make you work harder. There must be no space for pessimism.

Stay in a well-lighted room

This will help you stay awake as the body has a natural response to light. On a scientific note, internal rhythm of the body is affected by the light received.

Always bring your headset or earphones

When an employee listens to music, his heart rates are boosted. According to researches, upbeat tunes keep the energy flowing on your body. Music also provides natural anxiety relief.

Try other tasks

Doing the same routine for several days will surely make you sleepy. You can help your co-employees on simple tasks assigned to them.

Get away from the computer screen

The eyes will easily feel tired if they are exposed near the computer screen. As recommended by doctors, it is ideal to keep enough distance from too much radiation.

Involve your eyes with an exercise

Aside from stretching your body, don’t forget about your eyes. Roll them up and down, diagonally, and side to side. Exercise benefits both body and brain health.

Look at the things and people around

Instead of focusing on your desk, try to observe what is currently happening near your area. You can also open the window and look at the trees or buildings.

Nap for a while

According to studies, a nap for 20 minutes is quite effective for restoring the productivity of employees. Just make sure that you don’t extend to fully sleep.

Walk and move

Don’t hesitate to stretch your body. Doing basic movements will keep you vigorous.

Be watchful about your posture

Considering the touch of science, this will give way to the right blood flow. Forget about slouching and entertain mental alertness.

You need a break

If you are mostly finished with your work, it’s not wrong to have a break. You can call your mother or friend for few minutes.

Prefer a cold temperature at work

It is already proven that cold temperature promotes pumping of blood. This means that a person becomes active over time.

Mind needs an exercise too

Brainpower is quite essential. Puzzles are ideal brain boosters.

Be friendly and interact with others

Instead of being isolated, try to communicate with others. This will not make you irresponsible anyway.

Don’t be a fan of ‘‘sweets’’

It is better to consume proteins than sweet snacks. This will stop hunger pains over time.

Chew ice

This may seem weird but it is helpful in keeping you awake. Professionals say that the cold temperature will allow you to stay alert.

Bring a small bottle of essential oils

Specifically, it is ideal to smell the scent of rosemary, or peppermint. The experts say that these oils boost the stimulation of nervous system.

Take herbal supplements

By doing so, you will boost energy effectively. Researches show that ginseng is among the ideal choices you should consider.

Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water will avoid the possibility of slowing down. The body and brain need water—this is a fact. It has been well documented that drinking eight to ten glasses a day is the rule of thumb.

Now, it is clear that a cup of coffee is not the only solution for keeping yourself wide awake in the office. There are other simple things that you can do. By being guided with the listed alternatives, you will be a suitable employee to every company.

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