3 Best Super Herbs to Combat Persistent or Generalized Anxiety

Being stressed at work, school, financial aspects and other walks of life are just some of the causes that lead you to have anxiety disorders. Well, it is true that you really can’t get away from stress because of some factors in your environment. But if this will just lead you to having an anxiety disorder, it will be best if you can prevent it from happening. It is then wise consult a doctor to immediately have it cured. But do you know that there are some herbs that aid in fighting stress and anxiety? Let’s check them out.

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The Best Herbs for Anxiety

If you are ready to solve your problem, here are the following herbs for anxiety:


This anti-stress herb was found to give relief to those people with anxiety and other serious forms of it. There were also findings claiming that it aids in easing depression, agitation and irritability symptoms. It was also said to help you to have a quality sleep plus provide a sense of being calm.

It is recommended to drink one cup of this herb tea for three times a day, regularly. Or if it is already in capsule form, you should at least rake 90 mg of it per day. If it is in its liquid form, you will need to take 45 drops of it daily for better results.


This super herb for anxiety has anti-anxiety compounds. That is why it is effective for you. According to research, this herb reduces stress and makes people to be more alert and even improve their calmness. It also improves memory and concentration.

There are different ways on how you can be cured from anxiety with this herb. If you would like to take it as tea, you will need to put 1/ 4 to one teaspoon of its dried herb in a cup of hot water, four times a day.


This is one of the potent super herbs for anxiety which was found effective in treating persistent or even generalized anxiety. The great thing about it is that it has no sedative effects. For its dosage, you can use the lavender oil to be an aromatherapy solution or you can try 80 mg of it a day if it is already in the form of supplement.

These are the top three herbs that you can simply count on for anxiety. The great news about these three herbs is that they will never cause drowsiness. However, you must still take the right dosage throughout the day in order to avoid certain problem. Whether you are having troubles with generalized or even persistent anxiety, there is no need for you to worry about it. It is because there are herbs for anxiety that you can simply count on.

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