3 Easy Tips to Fight ADHD among Kids

Ever encountered someone with a difficulty in focusing in a conversation, has difficulty in following instructions that require planning or executing a plan, and suddenly bursts in anger? Probably you thought of “unfriending” him or her because of his ill behavior and way of thinking, but wait, is that just the right thing to do?

What I was just able to cite are some signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder— commonly known as ADHD. Just some quick fact about it, this is a medical condition that affects the executive function of the person including the ability to think ahead, organize, control his impulses, and complete tasks. One caveat: patients and families must beware of medication for ADHD.

Evidently, it’s important that folks with ADHD be given proper help they need while they’re still young so as not to make their condition severe as they grow.

Wise Living Key Points

Have positive attitude

Remember, both behavior and action of kids with ADHD are correlated to their disorder; it helps if you are always calm and focused for you to connect with them, and keep them calm and focused the same way. Remember to have sense of humor. It’d be easier if you laugh with them— and not at them— on simple slips they do. Moreover, believe in their abilities and capabilities. Trust that they can learn, improve and mature, and never fail to tell them about that every day. These tips work for ADHD for children.

Use Reward, not Punishment

What’s important to know about kids with ADHD is that they respond more to reward rather than punishment. The trick is helping them adapt to time-out. According to Dr. Robert Myers, PhD, if your 6-year old won’t sit quietly in timeout, tell him the timeout is 8 minutes (double the time based on the 30% Rule), but he can reduce it to four minutes by sitting quietly. Then watch how hard he tries to earn the “reward.” Never nag! Instead of pinpointing what wrong they did and punishing them for that, focus on helping them correct the mistakes he has done.

Set clear expectations and rules

ADHD kids need to have a set of rules they follow. Of course, it’s one of your tasks to constantly remind them about this. Write rules on a piece of paper or a board and place it somewhere they often go to, like their bedroom. Give them a heads-up of the rules— carefully explain what the rules are about, why these are essential to follow, and what possible outcomes there are of accomplishing or achieving such. Make instructions clear and simple, so that they’re easy to be understood. Stick to this system and have them followed on a daily basis; don’t make a day slip without having tasks done or rules followed. Remember, this is not to make each day difficult for them; it’s to make the succeeding days easier for them to live!

Aside from these tips, you may also consider giving your kids with herbal remedies for ADHD.

Simple steps, right? How about starting these today?

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