5 Bikram Yoga Poses Brain Health Benefits

Bikram yoga postures are known as Asanas. With these yoga poses, an individual can exercise and invigorate his or her body by stimulating the glands, organs, nerves and improving the circulation of oxygen in the body.

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Here are 5 Bikram yoga poses together with its purpose and benefits

Standing Deep Breathing Pose

You need to keep your back straight at all times and do not bend backwards. You suck your belly if your rib cage protrudes a little bit. When you exhale, tilt your head back slightly while your eyes are open. Your shoulders should be kept in line together with your hips which are kept forward. Make sure to breath out completely when you are exhaling to get rid of CO2 in your lungs. This kind of pose will expand your lungs, increase brain health relaxations, and detoxification of organs that will benefit you to prevent respiratory problems like shortness of breath, emphysema and bronchitis.

Half-Moon Pose with hands to Feet Pose

Lock your arms and fully engage your muscles. Then strengthen your body towards the ceiling and while bending backwards, distribute this bend all over your spine. But during hands and feet pose, glue your body on your legs and move your elbows close in each other behind the calf muscles. Then hips should be up towards the ceiling while you are moving your face increasingly down in your shin. This pose can provide you quick vitality and energy in your practice session. It corrects any issues regarding your posture or with your nerve pain and lower back pain.  It can strengthen calves, thighs and body’s central muscles.

Awkward Pose

In this pose, maintain 6-inch gap between your knees and hands while you are keeping them parallel to the floor. Make sure that your shoulder stays down by having them relaxed throughout 3 stages of this pose. Ease the exhaustion by focusing on your stretching arms out, keep your fingers together and breathe in a normal pace.

Conducting this pose will help you heals your chronically cold feet, circulates blood on your ankles and knees, alleviates arthritis and rheumatism, strengthens muscles, increase hip flexibility, relieves muscles cramps and cure slipped discs and spine problems.

Eagles pose

With this pose, you need to breathe and pull in stomach then keep away from thighs. Position your fingers below your nose and keep your pals together. Enter sitting posture while maintaining your straight spine. Now, squeeze your knees and thighs together in areas that you feel contact between them to have tourniquet effect. Then focus your body weight into heel of standing foot and eliminate the gap between back of standing leg and wrapped foot.

Doing this pose will provide you enhanced lymphatic functions, improved hip joint mobility, immunity against stress and depression, balanced and reduced varicose veins and strengthened trapezius, legs and deltoid.

Standing Head to Knee Pose

Then lock knee of standing leg and maintain the tight grip with all of your 10 fingers. Next thing to do is keep non-standing leg that is parallel to the floor. Suck in your stomach and contract your abdominal muscles and move your foot toward face and past the perpendicular position. Touch now your elbows to calf muscles and lastly, tuck chin to chest around spine and touch your forehead to knee.

This yoga pose uses all major muscles wherein it exercises the reproductive and digestive organ. It helps to improve brain function, unifies mind and body, lessens diabetic disorders, increase flexibility, squeeze out internal abdominal organs and strengthens muscles.

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