5 Herbal Remedies to Fight Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety is not just a simple disorder because it is caused by other disorders but it can also lead to other serious problems. And if you’re stressed and depressed, you usually think of taking supplements. But whether we like it or not, anxiety pills can be very expensive. Thankfully, there are available herbal remedies as an alternative to medicines.

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Natural Way To Fight Anxiety

It’s not just one there are many things that you can do to alleviate anxiety and stress. One way is through trying herbal remedies. These remedies will never bring any complications in your life because they have already been practiced by ancient people. Are you ready to get rid of anxiety? Here, we have compiled top herbal remedies to fight anxiety and stress.


This is one of the most potent herbal remedies for anxiety that will totally give you the best solution to alleviate depression. Particularly, you may not know that this is also used in nootropics, giving huge benefits for our brain function. It is packed with anti-stress bioactive constituents that relieve anxiety and depression.

Green tea

The L-theanine is the great amino acid that can found in green tea that lessens anxiety. Although it is said that you will not be able to get many of this great amino acid in green tea, it is always better to try than never.


Chamomile packed with luteolin and apigenin, two chemicals that give way to high sense of relaxation. Studies suggest that people who consume chamomile tea or even supplements significantly reduced the symptoms of anxiety. Also, this nootropic is known to improve brain health.


This herb has already known to have a calming properties. If it is being used as an aromatherapy, it will induce relaxation. There are also studies proving that even the scent of this herb and relieve depression among people. It is another way that eases anxiety, plus it also enhances brain and memory.

Lemon balm

This anti-anxiety herb is just one of the effective herbal remedies for anxiety. This herbal sedative is also another great remedy to promote wakefulness. It does not just calm but it also gives quality sleep if you have anxiety attacks. This herb can also treat even the most serious form of this disorder.

These are the great herbs that are already proven to treat anxiety problem. However, it will still be nice if you consult your doctor before taking any of these herbs. There are constituents in these herbs that may cause problems to you most especially if you are already taking up medications. However, if you think that taking herbal remedies for anxiety is not a great option for you, then talk to your doctor and he may prescribe you a safe and effective anti-anxiety pill.

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