5 Lifelong Benefits of Physical Fitness

The benefits of physical fitness go beyond weight control

This is what most of us fail to realize so we put physical fitness at the bottom of our priorities. Various researches have been done and they all agree that regular physical exercise is good for our holistic health. We just have to allot a portion of our time to engage in regular workout to we get maximum benefits of physical fitness.

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Truth is, when it comes to the benefits of physical fitness, the list can be endless. Here are some to name a few:

It reduces the risk for several illnesses and health conditions

Some of the diseases and health problems you can avoid with proper exercise include stroke and heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, back pain, non-insulin dependent diabetes, and osteoporosis. In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death.

It boosts self-esteem

Having a regular fitness routine enables you to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, hence making you feel good about yourself. When performed outdoors, in the gym, or other sports facilities, it also allows you to meet different people whom you share the same fitness goals with, which can even lead to lasting friendships. Additionally, exercise also enables you to correct your posture and body image, gives you good appearance, and increases your energy levels resulting to an instant confidence boost.

It’s an effective stress management technique

Studies on the psychological effects of exercise showed that exercised improves the mood and makes you less likely to feel depressed and anxious. Each time you exercise, the blood flow to the brain is increased, causing a release of “happy hormones” or endorphins. These chemicals make you feel good and allow you to handle stress better and fight depression.

It provides better health

Physical fitness develops the muscle strength, endurance, bone density, speed, and flexibility of the body. It also provides cardiovascular endurance and lowers the cholesterol levels. Regular exercise also gives us to get better sleep, which is essential in renewing damaged cells in our bodies. These are all beneficial in terms of enabling the body to avoid diseases in the first place.

It is a component of a longer, healthier life

Altogether, the benefits of physical fitness reward us with a longer, healthier life so we all should begin to participate in a fitness program.

How much exercise is enough so we can get the benefits of physical fitness?

Don’t mistake physical fitness as enrolment to a fancy gym or purchasing the most expensive exercise equipment. In fact, daily activities can also be considered as a simple fitness program. These include cleaning the house, gardening, walking to and from work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking care of the baby, and more. A thirty-minute to an hour of exercise daily in the form of activities like jogging, walking, dancing, hiking, biking, yoga, and playing sports are great ways to be physically fit. By scheduling your fitness program on a daily basis, you don’t end up abusing your body just to catch up burning calories. When you follow a fitness schedule, it will be easier for you to achieve the benefits of physical fitness.

To get the maximum benefits of physical fitness, you have to combine it with other factors including proper diet and healthy lifestyle

At first, it may be really hard for anyone to stick to a fitness program and follow a healthy lifestyle. But at the end of it, we have to realize that we only got one life to live and we certainly wouldn’t want to spend half of it physically, mentally, and emotionally unhealthy so we might as well do our share to get the benefits of physical fitness.

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