7 Exotic Healing Superfoods and Herbs for Mind and Body

Most of us want to have a smooth skin and a peaceful mind perspective. Being physically and mentally fit creates a relaxing mood and which maintain your good mental health benefits. These results to a more productive life in doing the daily activities you love the most. The great way to have this are with these seven herbal plants and herbs you can find in your local health food store.

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7 Exotic Healing SuperFoods And Herbs


If you have flu or colds, there is no such thing to worry because Elderberry has the essential properties that will fight prevent or cure flu or colds. This is the all time favorite flu resistant plant which is suitable on how to keep your good mental health. According to dieting books, the herb contains anti-viral components. These are very helpful in order for the body to fight stress and depression problems.


The chamomile is a soothing and calming herb which is a wonderful way to have a peaceful rest at night, says Dr, Balick, who is also a curator for Wild Medicine. The herb helps you relax and can also relieve tension due to stomach ache. This European plant has also essential benefits. By removing the chamomile tea bags after these were laid in hot water, let it cool and lay them to your eyes to prevent inflammation.


The Kava root is famous in the Pacific Islands due to its roots that contain kavalactones, compounds that help to reduce anxiety problems. According to experts, it provides an easy conversation and storytelling abilities. The effects of kava is similar to alcohol but with no negative effects. One German study proved that kava reduced the symptoms of anxiety.


This is also known as marigold, a European plant which is used to cure skin irritations such as eczema. Calendula is also sold as oil which is combined with other oils like olive, jojoba or coconut oil.  You can take the flowers and heat these in water, lay them on a clean cloth and gently apply this to the skin.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle was used in European hospitals to save people from poisoning. A compound found in its seeds strengthens and clears the liver. It is also helpful on how to maintain your good mental health.


The passion flower which is found in Central and South America contains beta-carboline alkaloids which give an assurance of relaxation and a deep sleep condition. It can also help reduce anxiety problems and is an effective anti-stress herb.


This is the best healing herb of all due to its antioxidants which can help cure cardiovascular health and at the same time improves the mood of a person by means of building a molecule in the brain that provides happiness. As a wellness advice, experts say a small bar of dark chocolate is better dessert than your usual preference.

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