Anti-Stress Corner: Never Ever do These Things to Your Depressed Partner Especially #3

Having a depressed partner can really be a serious challenge for everyone. However, the last thing you must consider is giving up. If you’re loved one is troubled by extreme depression and your relationship is at stake, be careful what the things you should do. Here’s what to avoid.

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Hurt physically

Most of marriage that ends up unsuccessful is the result of physically hurting one’s partner. Beaten husbands or wives get the courage to end up their misery by leaving their partners who were able to beat them, most especially in times that they are getting depressed. It is one thing that you may avoid when you didn’t hurt your partner physically. All the pain and depression is getting worse or the other way around depending the way you or your partner may do upon solving depression. As a partner, learn along the process on how to keep respect and love on your partner. Support your partner in his or her anti-stress journey.  In this way, hurting your partner physically and emotionally may just keep things unsolved especially to your relationship. Never do this thing to your partner as well as to your children.

Leaving Home Without a Word

If your partner is depressed and you leave home without a single word, you can expect that he or she might have negative thought upon the reason that you have (unless he or she doesn’t care at all). Also, he or she might lose his or her alertness and concentration for the day. By leaving, you can make him or her alone especially when you are just on the phase of being a married couple. This is the stage where you should always be in his or her side to assure that the love and care is there for your partner. Never leave him or her when you know that no one else can comfort her but you.

Never Cheat

Perhaps one of the causes why your partner is depressed is because of his or her advanced thinking that you are cheating on him or her. It is not really a good accusation on your part but don’t let this thing frequently happen by showing him or her that you are really thoughtful. In case it is not really the cause of his or her depression, make sure that you solve the problem instead of cheating for it may just keep things worse than before. Give your best by giving moral support and added attention to him or her.

Talking Loudly (Angry)

Don’t let your anger emotions evade you when you don’t want to see your partner struggling with depression. Instead of talking loudly, you should just talk to him or her in a calm tone of voice. You should not deal with the problem with your depressed partner with anger in yourself. It is because it may just give you another reason to keep the depression on your partner’s current situation. Never talk aloud most especially when your partner is that person with very strong emotions that can help you lose control. Be an understanding partner when you know it is your partner’s turn to feel so and let yourself be aware to what is its potential effect in your relationship. Avoid this thing and you’ll surely have a better relationship with your partner.  

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