Choosing Organic Supplements to Include in Your Daily Diet

In recent years, organic has been the standard of health and nutrition, which is why there is a boom in the organic supplements market. Many people have then shifted from synthetic supplements to organic supplements as part of their daily diet. The primary reason is that organic supplements are food-based, meaning your body can absorb it better and that it only contains all-natural ingredients.

Americans alone spend as much as $17 billion annually on health and wellness supplements in the belief that it does their body a lot of good. However, one thing you should be wary about when choosing organic health supplements is falling prey to the fake ones. What everyone should know is that not all companies boasting about their organic pills actually tell the truth. It isn’t enough to simply grab supplements with the USDA organic seal and instead check for several other factors.

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Things to Remember Before Using an Organic Supplements

Look for approval stamp

Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate supplements so chances are most of them are only promising. Be an informed customer and opt for pharmaceutical supplements that have no binders, additives or fillers. Most supplements indicate their ingredients on their labels so better take a look. Check for the complete list of NSF-certified supplements.

Organic doesn’t always mean better

While it is best to believe that organic supplements are way better than synthetic supplements, it is not always the case because sometimes, your body can absorb synthetic supplements just as much. Take Vitamin C derived from organic acerola berry as an example. Synthetic Vitamin C’s are absorbed and metabolized in our bodies just the same.

Food is always better

Supplements, both organic and synthetic, are not intended to replace food in our daily diet. So, it is highly recommended to eat fruits, vegetables, and white meat closest to its natural form to get the most vitamins and nutrients out of them. A healthy diet combined with regular fitness exercises can always give you amazing results.

Check for additives

Fillers or additives are a huge factor affecting the efficacy of both organic and synthetic vitamins and supplements. In the case of synthetic supplements, additives include glucose and fructose among other substances, which even cause side effects like allergies and decreased absorption. Even organic supplements contain fillers too, which take up space and reduce the concentration of the natural ingredients.

Using organic supplements is a choice

While using organic supplements is a trend, you should not give in as they are not your only choice. Various researches are contradicting each other – some saying that cleaner is healthier and others claiming the opposite. Obviously, the main reasons why we advocate organic are because they are cleaner, safer for the environment and for our body, and just feel like the right thing for us. However, at the end of the day, it is up to us whether we choose organic supplements over synthetic supplements or the other way around.

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