How can I improve my Memory Power and Concentration?

Do you have an extraordinary memory power? There are some that would tell that only the genius ones have this kind of memory. It is indeed true because these people were born having these intelligences. But it is unreasonable for someone to claim that he has poor memory. It will be acceptable for those who are already in their old days. But for those young, it is unjustifiable. You are just the one who does not believe in yourself. There are many ways that you can try, believe it! Try these!

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Enlightening Your Memory Power

How can i improve my memory power? With the modern technology revolving around us, it is not impossible for you to find ways and answer that question. If you really want to improve better, start it with a positive mind. And to help you more, here are the following ways that you can try for activating your memory and concentration.

Foods For The Brain

There are many foods that are known to improve your brain function. Foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidant are the best ones to eat. It includes fruits and vegetables, fish and even green tea are the example of foods that you need to consume. With the right amount, you can expect that these super brain foods will boost your memory power and mental alertness as well. You may also try natural herbs for brain power like Chaga mushroom.

Exercises For Your Brain

Aside from exercising your body, you also need to do some mind exercises to increase better memory. Doing some activities that challenge your creativity, spatial-temporal reasoning and even hand-eye coordination are some of the great ways to exercise your mind. The neuroplasticity of the brain does not disperse in time. So regardless of age and health, you can still improve your memory and gain added attention.

Adequate Sleep

Did you know that having an adequate sleep also take part in improving your memory? It greatly takes part in your brain’s memory consolidation process. The key components for better memory storage happen during the deepest part of your sleep.

Mind Mapping

it is now the popular technique to answer your “how can i improve my memory power” question.  This memory enhancing tool crosses between a picture and an outline. It is a matter of association of ideas between the picture and outline. It is as if your mind creates an outline or map to better remember things.

Controlling Stress

The physically demanding way of life will really make you feel stressed. But make sure that you keep it under control. You know too much stress can really affect your brain. You can try going on a yoga class and other anti-stress activities.

So how can you improve your memory power? Simply follow the above mentioned ways. There is really no harm in trying. Try these things to empower your memory.

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