How Health Supplements Help You and Your Body

Not everyone understands the importance of including health supplements in their diet. Some people even view it as an additional financial burden without realizing how much they are missing when it comes to its positive effects on their health.

Each health supplement has distinct promises – increase in appetite, weight loss, boost in energy levels, oxidize the body, healthy glowing skin, better performance, and more. What all experts agree with though is the fact that health supplements definitely have a place in our daily diet.

Supplements have a wide variety. Vitamins and minerals can range from A to Z, but perhaps some of the most common ones you hear include Vitamin A, C, D, and E, Folic Acid, Iron, Calcium, and Omega-3 among others, which are prescribed to fill in deficiencies in the body. Besides all these, the market offers a lot of health supplements, most of which claims to be 100% natural, working on the body’s general well-being.

Health supplements fill in the nutrient gaps. However, what you must understand is that these should not replace your daily meals. After all, they are called “supplements” because they are added up to your diet and are not taken alone.

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How Does Health and Dietary Supplements Work?

Again, health and dietary supplements are never intended to take the place of real foods and healthy meal plans. Never use these as substitute for a healthy meal plate. Pills or supplements can never duplicate the countless phytochemicals, fiber and other nutrients that work together to give you a healthy body so it’s always best to eat your regular meals first before taking health supplements.

Do’s When Taking Health Supplements

Keep a healthy diet.

Food first. Period.

Consult with your doctor first whether the supplement of your choice is safe to use especially if you have health conditions.

Take it with water for faster body absorption.

Combine your health supplement intake with regular exercise.

Always check the label and be careful about choosing a brand.

Ask for suggestions/advice from your healthcare practitioner.

Research the product first before using it.

Don’ts When Taking Health Supplements

Never take health supplements alone.

Never exceed the dosage that is indicated on the bottle even if the product claims to be 100% natural.

Benefits of Taking Health Supplements

They help treat nutrient deficiency in the body.

They may help raise good cholesterol (i.e. large doses of Niacin).

They reduce the risks of birth defects such as spina bifida in the case of folic acid.

They help in making you feel good about your body.

Overall, most supplements are safe to use when you follow the instructions on the label. While they are not prescriptive drugs, they still follow standard rules on dosage and labels, which should always be your primary concern in picking a health supplement brand that you will trust. In any case of confusion or doubt, remember that it is always best to check with your doctor before taking in any health supplements.

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