How to get Back that Sexy Body After Giving Birth

Love your baby, but not the baby weight! Unluckily, baby weight is really hard to eliminate making the weight loss journey really tough. Every mom is eager to get back into shape after giving birth and look like her old self again.  So what are the ways to eliminate pregnancy weight and how to have a fitter body after giving birth? Here are some of the diets & weight loss tips that new moms shouldn’t miss:

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Most of the new moms aren’t ready to take exercise especially until six weeks after their birth. Mostly they are still too sleep-driven since their body was still recovering. In this case it is very advisable to at least take a light exercise like walking around the block, then walk a little bit farther the next day. To burn calories, you can take a walk up and down stairs for fifteen minutes or push a stroller 1-2 miles in 30 minutes.


Some moms can easily drop all their baby fat for breastfeeding alone. Since breastfeeding burns 600 to 800 calorie a day. This is a very easy way for some lucky mom can easily lose weight with just comfortably feeding their baby while sitting. But the consequence is that, as soon as the mother stops breastfeeding or begin supplementing her baby’s diet with solid food, she should already start to adjust their diet or take an exercise routine.

Lifting weights

Weights can increase metabolism after birth. Instead of going to the gym or buy a dumbbell just to lift weights, it is better to incorporate the baby into your exercise routine. Make sure of your baby’s safety while lifting. Try to lie on your back holding your baby above the chest and slowly pressed him or her up towards the ceiling for several times. You would not only lose weight but you will also have a bonding time with your baby. You can also try hiring a personal trainer to ensure that you’re doing the right routine.

Proper Diet

One of the best diet tips for moms after birth is to restrict yourself from bad diet like eating calorie foods and chips, and drinking sodas. Instead, eat foods and meals which are rich in nutrients containing protein. It is also better to eat vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains and plenty of low-fat dairy products. To keep your blood-sugar level steady, eat small frequent meal throughout the day. This will prevent you from overeating.

Get plenty of sleep

Forced or strange sleep cycle can lower or upset your metabolism making it hard for your body to lose baby weights. If you lack of sleep, you won’t just get enough energy for your workout anyway.

Healthy snacks

Eating high in fiber snacks like raisins, figs, veggies and whole-wheat crackers fill you up already, it is also great help in your digestion. Calcium from milk and yogurt actually can aid weight loss by blocking hormone that allows the body to store fats.

A lot of moms want to regain their sexy bod after giving birth; but in any diet loss factor book, it isn’t that easy. But it’s not possible. As long as you commit yourself to the abovementioned tips, you can say goodbye to those baby weight and claim that slim bod again!

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