How to Lose Weight Naturally

Typing “how to lose weight naturally” on Google pulls up 1,170,000 results, which shows more than a million people cared to publish online content about losing weight — and losing weight naturally.

Meanwhile, a 2015 study estimates that in Canada, 15 percent of the population is reportedly obese. And for the US, the obesity rate is double that at 30 percent. Heading over to the UK, a weight loss report reveals that firefighters “had to rescue morbidly obese people more than 100 times in the last three years.” These sad statistics go back even further, as a 2004 study cited on the website states that overweight or obese school-aged children were more prone to become victims of bullying than their normal-weight peers. To make matters even more painful, popular online magazine Fast Company even has an article stating how numerous studies have validated the existence of various legal ways obese and overweight people are discriminated at work.

With all the disadvantages and pain that comes with being overweight or obese, it is understandable, then, why people, whether or not they are truly obese or overweight, are desperate to lose weight. In fact, on a quest to lose weight as fast as possible, some people go the drastic route, such as seeking plastic surgery. However, not everyone can afford to pay for expensive procedures by an experienced plastic surgeon — and by “experienced plastic surgeon” we mean someone who won’t botch up the job by making you look worse than when you first came in the operating room.  

More affordable surgeries are riskier, and some fly-by-night operations could lead to irreparable damages and worse, death.

So what else is more affordable and healthier for the body? If you believe the 1,170,000 people searching Google, then you’re going to get the answer: losing weight naturally.

Going natural may be a slow, painstaking process. Many times, as you look into the mirror, you may end up feeling as if your efforts are not contributing to any progress. However, if you prefer to gently ease your body back to health without risking possibly irreversible complications, than losing weight naturally is the way to go.

Some of these tips will strike you as cliche, but they are tried and tested tips on how to lose weight naturally. Some of these tips are also new, so make sure to give them a try.

Wise Living Key Points

Keep a food diary

According to online medical site WebMD, numerous studies have proven how people who monitor their eating habits by journaling are more likely to succeed in their weight-loss goals. It doesn’t even need to involve actual pen and paper. A 2013 study also confirmed how targeted mobile apps can be very helpful for people trying to stick to a weight-loss regimen. According to Alissa Rumsey, M.S., R.D., spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as quoted by, “Food diaries are great tools to provide insight into what and when you are eating.”

Prep your own food

Join the food prep craze and lose weight naturally by avoiding greasy, fatty, salty fast food. Just Google meal prep instagram or food prep instagram and you’ll be inundated with influencers to help you get your menu ideas for the week started. Users @mealprepmondays, @mealprepdaily, and @mealprepsociety are great for inspiration. You can also search for or click on #mealprepdaily and you’ll get drowned in tasty, drool-worthy pictures of food good for the week faster than you can gobble another bag of french fries..

Be more active

Save money by biking to work. Go to the gym. Take the stairs. Park or get off your ride a few minutes from your destination so you can walk. Take up a new skating or martial arts hobby. Do yourself a favor and play some more active games. This does not mean you can’t play video games if you’re an avid gamer. If it seems like you’ve heard this all before,try your hand at this year’s latest hit mobile game which may just be more addicting than your aunt’s cream pie. This game will certainly get you off your couch to trawling around town, and this new hit is called — you guessed it, Pokemon Go.

Don’t forget your nutrition supplements

Now if you’re going to travel the world (or your neighborhood) to catch as many Pokemon as you can, biking through traffic, or sweating it out at the gym, you better have your stack of nutrition supplements with you. Your body has its limits, and the amount of physical effort you’ll be exerting to become the next Pokemon master will be nothing to scoff at. In a more serious note, there are tons of shady diet drinks, pills and other concoctions out on the internet these days. If you’re going to take nutrition supplements to help you lose weight, don’t forget to check if the materials you’ll be putting in your body are FDA approved and contain no allergens that may harm you.

Losing weight naturally is no walk in the park, pun intended. But if Google says there are 1,170,000 published search results for “how to lose weight naturally” online, then that number is clearly trumped by the 4,190,000 search results for “how I lost weight naturally.” This result, if anything, sends the inspiring message that out of the many people looking to lose weight naturally, there seem to be 4,190,000 stories of those who have succeeded.

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