How to Stay Physically active and Mentally sharp at Work

Are you a busy employee bombarded with different kinds of stress every day? If so, it’s not a reason to ignore your health and do nothing about it. Here are ways to stay physically and mentally alert at workplace.

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Have a good chair

Having a good chair benefits both body and brain health. If you’re spending ten hours a day in front of your cubicle, it’s a good thing that you want to splurge a little when it comes what you’re sitting on. Have chairs that are high-end and provides extra support. You can also complement it with bells and whistles. If you’re tired of old chair, seek for alternatives. You can consider medicine balls as your option. If you don’t want to do all the sitting all day long, then you can opt for standing desks. Tread desk features are also ideal for people who want to take advantage of desk accessories. Being comfortable calms the mind.

Sit properly

A good desk posture, which is a 90-90-90 position, is also vital to improve body and brain function. That means you have to form 90 degrees with the floor in which your feet is flat on the ground. The knees should have the second 90 degrees adjacent to the floor. The third 90 degrees is at your hips. You should also set your monitor in ideal height. This is to prevent you from hunching over just to look at the screen during office training. Good posture throughout the day will give you the difference at the end of the day.

Watch out what you eat

Aside from physical activities in your office, a great way of keeping active during hours is to be healthy. It’s hard for you to admit but when you’re working, you usually cater the need of your stomach with the vending machines and fast food restaurants. Without you knowing it, you are increasing your problem. Health problem can affect your performance at work. That’s why it is very important to prepare quality meals at least once or twice in a week. It will not only make you stay active in your office work but it also a great way to streamline living expenses. Always bear in mind that your health is the best asset to accomplish all kinds of work. Also, don’t forget to eat healthy foods for the brain.

Take a walk

Instead of using the elevator, find time to walk along the hallway when your head calls for you or during lunch time. Not only walking  is a good exercise but you can also invigorate your body with the fresh air outside your office and it will provide you a good reset before going back to your office.

Engage in mentally-stimulating activities

While you’re at work, take a short break and play some memory-boosting games. Engaging in mentally stimulating activities activates the neurotransmitters in the brain to improve brain and memory.

Staying physically and mentally active during office hours has been a hard thing for many people. But the tips mentioned above can help in this challenge.

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