Insider Tips to Fast Weight Loss Without Punishing Yourself

The weight loss ‘niche’ is fully of myths, leaving people with multiple crazy options that promise weight loss result. While some take it easy, other people push too hard but actually get frustrated in the end. Don’t tolerate it. There’s no need to punish yourself just to burn belly fat. Here are insider tips to losing weight fast without pushing too hard:

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Drink water

It has been well documented that drinking water helps in losing weight. According to research, drinking water helps boost metabolism by up to 30 percent over an hour, thus aids in burning those extra calories that contribute to weight gain. The trick to eat lesser calories is to drink half-litre of water an hour before taking your meals.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea has a lot of health benefits, including diets & weight loss. It has small level of caffeine and packed with helpful antioxidants called ‘catechins’, claimed to help in burning extra fats in the body. Although research varies, there’s a lot of studies proving that drinking green tea extract helps in achieving weight loss.

Add coconut oil to your foods

Did you know that coconut oil also aids in weight loss? That’s right. It contains medium chain triglycerides, special fats which are metabolized in a different manner than other body fats. According to research, these fats can speed up metabolism up to 120 calories daily. Aside from that, it can also reduce appetite making you only take up to 256 less calories daily. Hence, ditch your old cooking fats and switch to coconut oil.

Back off from added sugar

Just in case you are not aware, added sugar is one of the worst ingredients that can ruin your weight loss goal. Unluckily, many people eat way too much of sugar. According to studies, too much consumption is sugar is linked to the risks of obesity and other diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Take in less refined carbs

Eating less refined carbs is also an easy and trick. Refined carbs are basically grains, or sugars that are stripped off their nutritious parts. It is claimed that refined carbohydrates can speed up blood sugar significantly, which can lead to cravings and hunger, making you eat more than often.

Go for low-carb diet

The trick to make carb restriction work for your weight loss goal is to opt for low-carb diet. A lot of studies reveal that low-carb diet aids in losing two to three times as much weight than a regular low-fat weight loss diet. Likewise, it also improves general health.

Eat on smaller plates

Using smaller plates actually make sense. It is a weird trick that reduces appetite, thus helping you eat less calories. Forget about those bigger plates and have your meals on smaller ones instead.

Take supplement

Taking diet pills that work fast is one of the best ways to burn belly fats without punishing yourself. LipoXplex is a dietary supplement that effectively boost metabolism while reducing appetite. It spikes up fat metabolism with its fast-acting weight loss formula.

To do weight loss, you don’t have yourself way too hard. There are actually easy sure-fire steps to burning the extra fats in your belly without having to hit the gym daily. Just couple it with a healthy lifestyle and you’re good to go for a guaranteed weight loss journey.

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