Lingonberry and its Weight Loss and Health Benefits

Lingonberry is a kind of low green shrub that is mostly found in Eurasia and North America. This wonder fruit is considered to be as a Vi-Tea because of the multiple vitamins that it contains. It has different clusters drooping with pinkish and small white flowers. It produces a lot of fruits when it is exposed in full sun. Its leaves are waxy and dark green in color while its berries, when ripe, are red in the month of August. Lingonberry has been well recognized as one of the healthiest foods ever since.  

Growing a lingonberry is just simple. It just needs to be placed in a site that is well drained with addition of organic compounds such a sawdust, bark and peat. It also requires adding a little amount of fertilizer. In general, it has a balanced mixture of acids that are used for azaleas as well as for rhododendrons when the time of spring come. Aside from its properties to burn calories, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of Lingonberry.

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Medicine and Foods

Lingonberry has been used both as medicine and foods in the past centuries. This tart red berry that can be processed as a delicious syrup or jam, or can also be enjoyed raw. It is often ingested or juiced into a supplemental form. Its nutritional benefits as well as its purported medicinal properties have been attributed into a wide range of helpful compounds. In addition, its leaves also contain bioactive compounds like arbutin that help promote diets & weight loss and overall health.

Lingonberry is a rich source of vitamin A, fibers, sugar, magnesium as well as vitamin C. It also has a large amount of lignans and flavonoids which are believed to be essential in the prevention of cancer. It is also rich in benzoic acid that is often used as an agent for antimicrobial purposes in the preparation of foods. If you want to know the health benefits of Lingonberry, read on.

Lingonberry as Anti-Inflammatory Solution

Lingonberry is used as a natural medicine for inflammation and pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. There are also scientific studies that have proved that Lingonberry contains healthy compounds that aid in healing inflammation.

Lingonberry as Antioxidant

Lingonberry is also well-known because of its antioxidant power. It is helpful in detoxification process because of the plant chemicals that contain polyphenols. One specific kind of polyphenol is what scientists called as flavonoids. It is a compound that gives lingonberry its bright colors of purple, red, blue and black. Researchers also found out that lingonberry does not only provide body antioxidants, but it is also helpful in replacing depleted antioxidants in the body such as glutathione.

Lingonberry as Fat Burner

Lingonberry is known to be better than other kind of berries when it comes to achieving guaranteed weight loss. It is proven effective in reducing weight gain by reducing calories and extra fats. Thanks to high level of polyphenols that help in weight loss in a natural way.

These are just some of the health benefit that lingonberry has to offer. Whether you want to burn belly fats or you want to boost your overall health, Lingonberry might be the low-hanging fruit for you.

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