Lucid Dreams: 10 Herbs that keep your mind clear while in a Dream

Dreams are often regarded as the events which happen while people are asleep. It is believed that things appear on dreams because someone thinks of them most of the time. Without the control of these amazing circumstances, there’s no chance to deconstruct story. In the recent time, “lucid dreaming” captures the interest of everyone. It is about keeping the mind awake while in a dream.

However, there is a great need to recall the previous dream in order to make lucid dreaming quite possible. If you really want to be aware of effective ways on how to have a wonderful experience, you must be familiar with the helpful herbs to maintain a clear mind when in a dream.

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Here are the 10 herbs which induce Lucid Dreams:

Gingko Biloba

This helps on improving memory and increasing brain function. When you encounter dreams, they will appear to be vivid. You will also have better alertness.

Calea Zachatechi

This herb is known as“Dream Herb” due to its proven efficiency in boosting regular dreams and reaction time.


This is fragrant flower which are ideal to be placed near the pillow case. There is a guarantee that you will experience lucid dreaming.

Wild Asparagus Root

This also named as “The Flying herb” due to its ability to bring people into the universe while they sleeping. Among the lucid dreaming herbs, this gives a wonderful dream to people. In addition, it boosts consciousness even while dreaming at night.

Valerian Root

This herb allows you to remember your dreams accordingly. Due to the fact that it promotes deep sleep, one will never be distracted. There’s no need to stress out yourself just to recall what you had dreamed last night.


This supports utmost quality of lucid dreaming because of its wonderful effects. It can be used in tincture or tea. It also promotes better brain health.

Ubulawu dream Herbs

These lucid dreaming herbs are proven to be helpful in introducing people to vivid dreams. They are found in Southern Africa. Also, you may consider African dream root, Entada rheedii, Harpagophytum Procumbens (Devil’s claw), Mexican Tarragon, Helinus integrifolius, and Uzara.


This fights the possibility of having nightmares. Through using this herb, you will only expect for pleasant dreams.


This is quite effective on enhancing dreaming effects by adding a color to the world where you were brought. It also enhances consciousness to be aware of what is happening around you.


Just like the Mullein, Burdock is great in avoiding anxiety and stress and all forms of negativity from the dream state. This will lead you to a dream you can cherish for a long period of time.

After knowing the lucid dreaming herbs, you can now have an access to a memorable experience. Your life would be more interesting and unique. There’s no more space for boredom and forgotten dreams. People must not be satisfied on what their dreams tell. Through lucid dreaming herbs, everything seems possible. Aside from herbs, you can also take doctor-recommended brain boosters.

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