Nutrition for Kids: 5 Tips to Make Them Eat Healthy

Nutrition for kids should be your top-level priority once you become a parent, and I tell you, there’s no easy way to implement it on a daily basis.

Junk food and fast food commercials add up to the never-ending meal battle you face with your kids every single day especially if you got picky eaters. This somehow makes you think that it’s almost impossible to make them eat a healthy diet. While you might be thinking about giving up and just giving in to what they want, please don’t because you can still serve them good food and see them enjoy every bite of it.

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Here are some ways you can implement and help develop healthy eating habits for kids:

Be Their Role Model

This is a no-brainer. You cannot force them to eat healthy when they don’t see you doing it. So, it’s time to change your eating habits too and enjoy healthy meals with your kids daily. Remember, very young children tend to learn through imitation so don’t be surprised when your kids hate fruits and veggies because you are a fan of sodas and potato chips.

Keep Healthy Snacks in the Fridge

It will be easier for you to feed your kids healthy snacks when you stuff your fridge with fruits and veggies. How about a slice or two of peaches or a piece of apple when they ask for mid-day snack? Or boiled broccoli? Or pureed carrot and apple as beverage? Your imagination is the limit.

Cook More At Home

Your kids’ nutrition is also a lifestyle, and as a parent, you are responsible for their entire well-being. Make time to prepare home-cooked meals while avoiding fast food dine in or take outs as much as you can. Nowadays, it is very easy to cook varieties of healthy meals especially with the help of Google or YouTube. Why not spend extra time in the kitchen when the reward is your kids’ health?

Keep a Weekly Meal Plan

Often, the reason why parents resort to feeding their kids starchy and salty pre-packed foods is because they don’t realize the importance of a weekly meal plan. When you keep a weekly meal plan say two days in advance, you already know what to put in your grocery list. You don’t get lost every single day about what to set on the table. The ingredients are already brought beforehand and you take that extra effort to feed your kids and the entire family healthy meals.

Encourage Playtime and Exercise

Nutrition for kids shouldn’t be boring at all. Young kids enjoy physical activities a lot. They are at the stage of growing up wherein they explore a lot so make sure to be part of it. Schedule family swimming or outdoor soccer games with the kids weekly. When they are physically exhausted, they tend to eat more and this is a good chance for you to feed them healthy foods. A family picnic after a tiring physical activity does wonders.

Make Regular Family Meal Time More Than Just Food

As a family, you must prioritize regular family meal time. Even if one or both of you are working, you should all enjoy a happy and healthy dinner together. The kids will always look forward to family mealtimes wherein you can talk about everything and share a healthy plate altogether. One fun way to enjoy family meal time is to have regular weekend cookout where everyone participates with the kitchen duties – preparing the ingredients, cooking, setting the table, and washing the dishes.

When you provide healthy foods for your kids, you don’t just nurture their bodies but you also create kids with positive outlook, high energy levels, and sharp minds, helping them grow into adults who are responsible with their own nutrition. By now you probably realize how essential nutrition for kids really is in their holistic development, so better take a step up to make it achievable.

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