Walk this way up and Lose 20 Pounds in 5 Months!

Did you know that walking can also aid in losing weight? Among all other forms of exercises known today, exercise is considered as the safest one. Depending upon the times you walk each day or week, chances are you would be able to easily lose one pound or more per week. With proper motivation, in less than 5 months, you could surprisingly lose 20 pounds! Plus, the best thing here is that you won’t have to do tiring workouts at the gym or even take time to diet. There’s no need to burn calories by punishing yourself with those heavy weights.

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Is it really possible to lose weight by walking? How?

The amount of calories that you can burn through walking can be determined by your walking pace and body weight. For average individuals, once you walk at a pace of four miles every hour, chances are that you will burn about 400 calories per hour. However, it does not mean that you need to walk 4 miles a day. If you commit walking for three additional miles, you will also burn an additional 300 calories every day. In addition to that, you can also walk shorter than the common pace and you can combine it with your everyday schedule. You can also make use of a pedometer to get rid of cellulite while walking and performing your daily routine.

Lose weight by walking and make it even more interesting! How can you do that?

There are lots of ways on how you would be able to making your walking routine a lot more interesting. Here are some routines that can surprisingly help you improve metabolism and help you achieve your diets & weight loss journey:

You can take a walk to different neighborhoods or parks. You can bring with you music because it will make you feel more energetic and motivated.

If you don’t want to walk alone, you can invite a friend or family member along. It doesn’t matter how often they join you because even if they only join you once every week, it will be very much beneficial in mixing up your routine.

Despite of the cold winter weather, make sure that you will still continue your daily walk. But you can always invest in a treadmill then place in front of your television or window.

What is the best walking style to effectively lose weight?

Of course, all of us know how to walk. Ever since we were a small child, we are already thought how to walk however, over the years, wrong habits and bad posture can cause less desirable walking standards. If you are walking for the purpose of exercise, make sure that you will keep your chin up, your eyes focused about 10 feet forward, pull in your abdomen towards your spine and then squeeze your glutes. You also need to keep a long stride. Through this style of walking, you would be able to achieve maximum benefits out from your workout.

So if you think that you will not lose weight by walking, you better change that thought. Walking is an effective and safe way to lose weight. But don’t limit yourself to it. Couple it with healthy and positive lifestyle and you will experience a guaranteed weight loss in no time.

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