Decaffeinated Coffee as An Alzheimer’s Disease and ADHD Treatment

Coffee drinkers claim that drinking coffee makes them healthy and sprightly. Although in some ways, it is beneficial to health but still everything depends on what type and amount of coffee you are drinking. These days decaffeinated is also gaining popularity to coffee drinkers. But many people are quite wondering if a decaf coffee is better for health.

While some people says that they achieve improved concentration when taking decaf coffee, they must still be careful. But the good news is that it does not pose any health risks when taken in moderate amounts and less use of cream and artificial sweeteners. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. The same thing goes to decaf coffee. If more cups are taken daily, your cholesterol levels may raise, hence it is not good for people with heart disease.

Super-sized decaf coffee drinkers may also experience gastrointestinal issues, therefore, moderate and enough amounts are needed to avoid risking your health. Whether decaf or caffeinated, coffees contain two natural compounds that cause high cholesterol levels. And these compounds are called kahweol and cafestol. If you want to lessen or filter out these two chemicals from your coffee, use a paper filter. But it only works on caffeinated drinks. Meanwhile, according to Harvard Family Health Guide, the process in decaffeinating a coffee might be the reason why it raises the level of cholesterol.

Wise Living Key Points

Decaf coffee is not entirely a harmful substance; in fact, it provides plenty of health benefits

Reducing the risk of suffering diabetes. A decaf coffee contains a high antioxidant level that prevents the cells from getting damage. When cells are damages, the risk of getting diabetes is high. Also, this type of coffee has chlorogenic acids that helps regulate the levels of blood glucose. Some users also claim it as their anti-stress habit.

It prevents the risk of having a cancer. The antioxidants compounds found in a decaffeinated coffee prevent the body from suffering the conditions that causes cancer. Plus, it can help slow down the aging process. Men will likely benefit from decaf coffee since it reduces the risks of having a cancer in colon and same goes to women when it comes to breast cancer.

Reduces the risk of heart disease. Although it was discussed that decaf can contribute in having heart disease when drink in super-serving, but when drink in proper amount, it can decrease the risk of heart problems.

It helps in prevention of incurring health conditions due to Alzheimer’s disease.  Since the decaf process does not remove the polyphenols found in the coffee beans; the beneficial component that helps in boost of memory and brain’s cognitive abilities is intact. Therefore, when older people drink decaf coffee, they will have less risk in getting Alzheimer’s disease in the future. In fact, it is also used as an ADHD treatment by some adults.

These health benefits of decaffeinated coffee are not just theories or claims. Proofs have already been established with proven research and studies. It may not give you a sprightly mood but it can provide a good and lasting life. However, you must remember just like any other types of coffee, a decaf coffee must be taken moderately. But if you want a safe way to fight ADHD, then taking ADDERPLEX supplement is a wise move. It has Ginkgo Biloba extract that fight stress hormones and improve brain functions.

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