Effective Natural Remedies to Combat Stress and Anxiety

If stress and anxiety are two of the nightmares of your life, then you must know what methods you can apply to combat them without running to your doctor. Here are natural anxiety remedies which make a great addition in making a huge difference in your life.

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Take Ashwagandha supplements

Ashwagandha has been considered as an anti-stress herb for a long period of time. It fights stress hormones in the natural way. Aside from that, it is also nootropic, which means that taking it can help you improve mental functions such as memory and focus. Try KSM-66 root extract for maximum benefits.

Have at least three cups of chamomile tea per day if you start feeling anxious

Chamomile tea is known for its chemical which fosters relaxation. Recent research and studies shows that patients suffering from anxiety disorder take in supplements containing chamomile within two months. After that, these patients show big difference in just a short period of time.

Include 1 to 3 grams of omega in your diet

Omega is also one of the most effective natural anxiety remedies. Take at least three times a day of 1 to 3 grams of omega. There are evidences that omega-3 fatty acids which helps in letting your anxiety disorder to ease. Aside from that, it also helps in lifting the moods of the patient suffering from this disorder. It lowers the amount of chemicals that triggers stress such as cortisol and adrenaline. Foods which are rich in omega-3 such as canned fatty fish and other stuffs help in regulating the symptoms of anxiety. Omega also improves mental alertness and concentration.

Breathe in lavender

Being one of the commendable natural anxiety remedies, the use of lavender oil in massage will definitely beat one’s problem on anxiety. Actually, lavender oil can help in reducing the systolic pressure in your blood pressure concerning with stress. So, it is better that every time you take bath, add a little amount of lavender in your bathing water. Or at least before you sleep, let a generous amount of it drop in your pillow.  It also proven the vanilla scent helps in lessening the symptoms of anxiety.

Add L-lysine in your daily meal

L-lysine is kind of amino acid and one of the foundations of neurotransmitter, one of the chemicals in your brain. There are current studies saying that L-lysine supplements greatly helps in the reduction of anxiety as well as stress level of a certain person. You can found L-lysine on foods such as fish, meat, beans and sometimes can be found on drugstore as oral supplements. It also provides improved focus and added attention to users.

Accompanied with the natural anxiety remedies, the determination to fight your depression and anxiety will help you get over it. But, the bottom line here is to remain optimistic despite of the trials and problems that you suffer.  Keep in mind that those problems and trials are part of human life. And everything depends on how you handle them.

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