Health and Weight Loss: Spirulina side effects

Are you aware of Spirulina side effects for health and diets & weight loss? If not, read on and you will develop a sensitive understanding about the possible health hazards of this superfood. But before pondering on the dark side, let’s first take a closer look on Spirulina first.

Spirulina consists of high content of vegetable protein, three to four times higher than beef or fish.  It also has multi vitamins such as vitamin b12 which is not present in veggie diet. Also, it has huge range of minerals which include Potassium, Iron, Phosphorus and Magnesium Sodium making it one of the healthiest foods out there. Most importantly, it has Phycocyanin which can never be found on other superfoods.

With this superfood, you will surely notice considerable changes in your energy levels in just a matter of week. The fast weight loss results that it brings, however, vary from person to person which will greatly depends on your condition.  In any case, you might feel a head start but you must never forget the importance of proper diet, regular exercise, sufficient fresh air and enough sleep to get a positive result.

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Is Spirulina a Medicine?

Basically, Spirulina is not a medicine. However, when it is used as a great source of supplementary foods, you can spare yourself from various nutrient deficiencies that can cause illness. This superfood is considered as one of the best fast weight loss juices as it gives considerable level of nutrients that your body actually needs. As a result, it leaves you a lesser chance of getting sick.

Granted, Spirulina is considered as a purely natural source of food and deemed as an effective way to burn belly fats. However, it has also health risks which include the following.

Side effects of Spirulina

Slight fever

This is attributed to the fact that the body has to burn the extra protein that is present in Spirulina.

Thirst and constipation

People who are taking Spirulina are also reported experiencing thirst as well as constipation. After your intake of high volume of Spirulina, it is recommended that you drink at least extra ½ litre of water every day in order to absorb the superfood.

Slight dizziness

In case you experience slight dizziness, it is wise to lessen your superfood intake. If the symptoms still persist, it would be better if you discontinue use and consult your primary health care provider right away.

Other risks include Stomach ache, slight body rashes and skin itch.

As a rule of thumb, experts suggest that you have to consult an expert chemist or health care practitioner especially if you have special requirements for your extra nutrient needs.  

There you have it- the composition and possible side effects of Spirulina. Do take note that everything in this world has its own benefits and drawbacks, including this superfood. So before you include Spirulina in your guaranteed weight loss regimen, you must have to do a little legwork. Most importantly, consulting your healthcare provider is a must.  And to make a difference, have a healthy diet and lifestyle and positive outlook in life.

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