Healthy Foods that may Surprisingly Hinder Fat Loss

With your bid for fast weight loss result, you will think that you’ve been making the right food choices. But if you are to look closely, you’ll notice that you won’t find the results that you are looking for. What could be the reason? Well, the answer could lie on those healthy foods. That’s right. Some healthy foods may also hinder weight loss.

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Here’s a list of healthy foods that surprisingly hinder fat loss:

Fruit juice may be an optimal choice because it comes from the real fruit. But please look at it closely. They are high in calories and sugar. It would easily make up the calories that you worked very hard to eradicate by exercise and diet.

Fruit flavored yogurt are also like fruit juice but has been loaded with too much sugar, up to 20 grams! That’s really not something you’d like on your diets & weight loss plan.

Muffins have a much higher calorie content and fat content than what you think. Though healthy bran was packed with fiber, the whole muffin contains too much calories to take part with your weight loss diet plan. Instead, bake your own muffin where you can create it based on your diet plan.

Fat-free crackers may be fat free, they are still high when it comes to carbs and they don’t have any nutrition in them.

Fat-free ice cream may be high when it comes to calories, same thing can be said about the sugar. Choosing this than the alternatives that are much of a healthy dessert, can make your goal to burn cellulites and fast and naturally to be put on a pause.

Protein bars may seem to be a very good choice because of its higher protein content, it also has a high level of sugar and same goes with the calories. It would only make them look a little better than chocolate bars. This would increase your calorie consumption way too high that may lead to your weight gain.

Frozen meals may be often calorie controlled but they also lack the dietary fiber and the protein that a fresh satisfactorily prepared meal have.

Fruit smoothies may be made from real fruits. They also have ingredients that are adding enough calories that can be made as standard meal.

Cereal bars may claim that they are made from whole grains, they are still heavily processed that would glucose level soar and would also make you hungry. This may not actually help you burn belly fats.

Regular peanut butter may be made of peanuts and a good source of the body’s healthy fats, this kind of peanut butter contains too much added sugar. So, choose the natural kind of peanut butter to use instead.


These foods may appear as healthy in your weight loss diet, but they may just be a bunch of foods that would give you so much frustration. They might change your perception about achieving guaranteed weight loss result.

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