Sports & Its Connection To Physical, Social & Mental Health

According to Prof. Dr. Claus Tiedemann of the University of Hamburg, “sport is a field of cultural activity, in which human beings voluntarily establish a relationship with other people, consciously intending to develop their abilities and accomplishments – in particular in the area of skilled motion – in order to compare themselves with these other people, according to rules set by themselves or adopted, basing on the socially accepted ethical values.”

There is no denying that sport is a huge contributory factor in improving both body and brain health. As being mentioned earlier, almost every sport requires exertion of efforts and physical capabilities, which in turn leads overall wellbeing. On the fitness levels, here are some of the benefits that sports give:

  • Fat and calorie-burning
  • Reduction of weight
  • Developing stronger muscles
  • Boosting cardiovascular strength
  • Obtaining properly-toned body figure
  • Developing coordination of the body and brain function

Not to mention, sports also has incredible benefits especially in developing one’s discipline to stay in shape and get rid of anything that does not make him good in the sport that a person is into. It also keeps a person mentally active and emotionally stable.

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How sport can help you live longer

‘Discipline’ is certainly a big word in the world of sports. When you choose to enter into this world, you will be required to have sacrifices. You should have nothing else in mind but to meet the standards set by that particular sport. This includes giving up all unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking alcohol, using prohibited drugs, and improper diet. And because sports also promote development of complete well-being, vices are also discouraged. Sports also help in alleviating stress, anxiety and depression. Hence, if you or you know someone who gets easily depressed, then you may ask him or her to engage in a sport and he/she will soon thank you for it.

How you can meet new people with sport and have a nice social life

Sport is an avenue to meet new people. If you enter a basketball camp for example, you are sure to mingle with people with the same love for the sport or perhaps the same goals as you have. Aside from co-players, you may also build good relationships with team managers, event organizers, and referees. You can even make new friends with people you compete against inside the arena. A lot of people has been able to ‘come out of their shell’ and established friendships with other people through sports.


Overall, entering into sports is essential in achieving a strong body and sharp mind. There are so many benefits that diet plans cannot cover such as weight loss, stronger stamina, and being socially-intelligent. Through sports, you will be able to obtain that fit and healthy kind of body you’ve always dreamt of.

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