The Main Lie about Losing Weight

Health and fitness is among the most important aspects of life that people should pay attention to. If you are healthy and fit then you will probably notice your mood improving. The problem, however, is that being fit and healthy is not that easy to achieve. If you are among those people who want to transform your body into a completely healthy function, browsing this page is one of the best things you have ever done today.

Since having a fit and gorgeous body is what everyone has been dreaming of, a lot of business-minded individuals have taken advantage of this extreme need. If you are among those individuals who have long been dreaming of a beach ready body, you should be wise. Not everything that you read on the internet is true. There are those individuals that see that you are hopeful and for lack of a better word ignorant, and they have devised a plan to swindle you out of your hard earned money with the promise to be healthy and fit. Here is the number one lie that for the longest time you have believed and it’s drastically affecting your diets & weight loss goal.

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To Burn Fat You Have to Work Out More

Have you ever heard the owners of  workout fitness center or sellers of workout equipment say that “you don’t actually need to exercise a lot to lose weight?” Probably not because if you wouldn’t have to use their equipment very much then why even buy it? What they will say is directly in correlation with getting you to buy their product. They will make you believe that what they have is worth spending your hard-earned money for. But guess what. Such words on the belly fat cure are all part of the entire scheme to market their specific fitness products and/or services.

While it is true that physical exercises will help burn fats, but it does not necessarily mean that the more you work out the more body fat will be burned. A lot of people almost kill themselves with extreme physical exercises but still can’t achieve the kind of body they want to have. Also, if excessive workout burns more body fat, how come there are sumo wrestlers and heavyweight boxers with droopy bellies? As a matter of fact, their daily physical exercises are generally greater than common individuals who often go to gym.

This simply proves that working out is not only the weight loss tactic. Physical exercises are just part of the entire process of losing weight. Along with many other factors being taken into consideration such as diet, hormonal changes, lifestyle, sleep, etc. one will be able to quickly reduce weight.

How Your Food Intake has a Much Bigger Impact on Your Weight than Your Physical Activity

The biggest factor that increases your weight is food intake. A lot of people do not realize that shaping up their body entails certain changes on their diet. You cannot expect to develop six-pack abs by continuously munching on fast food meals and other unhealthy food choices. In case you do not know, most foods in fast food chains contain massive amount of calories and fats, which are the main culprits in weight increase. No matter how hard you try to finish hundreds of crunches (sit-ups) everyday, it will just end up with frustration. You will not be able to develop the abs you have been dreaming to see on your abdominal area. If you want to know how to lose weight fast, you got to be knowledgeable when it comes to your food intake. Together with suitable physical activities, you will certainly bring out that fit and healthy body in you.

Here are some ways to a guaranteed weight loss with unwavering determination make it really happen:

Make it a lifetime commitment

Be focused on your objective for you to stay committed at finding ways on how to lose weight. Prepare both of your mental and physical energy. But first, address all other problem or stresses that might get on your own way such as financial problems and relationship conflicts. Though, it is not guaranteed that you can resolve this stresses, managing with optimism will improve your ability to remain focus on achieving a healthier way of living.

Find the inner motivation

This will start when you realize you want to make a change for your personal health, for you not for anyone else. Because this is a big commitment, you can’t just eat one stick of celery and suddenly you are transformed into a healthy glowing god\goddess. But don’t let the commitment scare you, it is completely necessary.

It is very important to have something to hold on and inspired you.  This will keep you stay motivated and focused on your objective. Dream on! Inspire yourself. This will be your weapon in times that you are being tempted. Perhaps, you would find yourself, posting a sticky not in your room, an encouraging reminder to do something for the better.

Set a realistic goal

Of course, you need to set your weight-loss goals. Realistic goals should be something that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and very timely. It should have a practical approach to your problem. Take for instance; aiming to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week is the best objective for starters. This will generally needs to burn 500 to 1000 calories each day.

In setting your goals, be sure that you’ve identify properly the process and outcome goal. Process goal is what you’re going to do. Outcome goal is the result of the process goal.

Now, you know the fat and easy way to getting flat belly. Take on the challenge and bring out that fitter and healthier version of you!

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