Essential Herbal Ingredients to Enhance Brain Function and Mental Health

A doctor recommended brain support supplement has vital ingredients to enhance alertness and achieve body function that help in maintaining Acetylcholine production, which is a significant neurotransmitter for learning. It has also critical amino acids, nutrients and vitamins for having apt brain functionality and cognitive nutrition. The ingredients benefit with cell-to-cell communications among neurons in your brain, and it is also encumbered with alpha brain wave boosters.

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Here let’s take a closer look on the best ingredients of brain support supplement.


There is no doubt that Ashwagandha is a popular medicinal herb used in Ayurvedic medicine. Up to date, it is still a very popular ingredient in doctor recommended brain supplements like Adderplex, used in improving brain functions such as memory, learning and concentration.

Vinpocetine, the Memory Mojo

It is known as herbal substance made from periwinkle plant. It has been utilized for many years for brain boosting. Vinpocetine helps to boost blood flow to your brain, also appears to help your cells use oxygen more capably, as well as improve the glucose usage in your brain which your cells need to gain energy to work. Overall, vinpocetine help individuals to help their brain acquire all the needed energy and oxygen in order to function.


This substance is evident to help the brain’s capacity to strengthen the tolerance of the body for exercise and retain memory and brain focus. Phosphatidylserine is one essential structural component of your brain cells. Though your body could make it, it looks mostly in your food.


Bacopa is used to enhance mental processing and memory. It also increases in speed of learning and memory, as well as total improvement in cognitive processes generally. Research highlighted antioxidants assets in this plant, and appears that it could protect the cells from free radical damage. It has long term effect on one’s brain, as scientists consider that free radical damage to the nerve cells is a causative factor in many people having age related brain health issues. They are predominantly suspect in Alzheimer’s, age related memory loss and dementia. Bacopa can have a defensive effect that helps in preventing or delaying these kinds of age related matters.

Ginkgo is a popular ingredient in many brain support supplements

This herbal ingredient is being used to enhance memory and learning, fights age-related memory conditions and Alzheimer’s disease. Mostly, it is advantageous for myasthenia gravis, dementia and memory problems because it boosts the acetylcholine level. It helps in improving memory and averting muscle weakness.


The benefits that you can get in glucuronolactone are not just physical, but can also be mental. The Glucuronolactone is an energizing performance enhancer for your mind. It supports the brain power for maximum concentration and focus, as well as result in enhanced reaction time, memory and concentration. This might be of excessive benefit to reaction based athletes and bodybuilders who want more focus in the gym.

When taking any brain support supplement, be sure to consult your doctor first.

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