Facts About Social Anxiety and Some Anti-Stress Techniques

Do you easily get nervous and lose your concentration when you are with other people? If so, that is a manifestation that you are dealing with a certain social disorder which is called as social anxiety. If you are thinking that this social dilemma is all about shyness, you are mistaken. It comes with intense occasional nerves that draw fear of embarrassing yourself in front of many people. Unfortunately, you have to keep in mind that even the ugliest butterflies have to come out in order to survive.  In the same manner, you have to come out of your zone and face the pressure of all parts of the social fabric.  If you are not aware where to start, you need to take to take a closer look about social anxiety.

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What is social anxiety?

If a person has social anxiety disorder, he experiences that fear that he will surely commit mistake which result people to show negative reactions toward him, mocking or laughing at him in particular.  It also entails the prevalence of the feeling that the person is being humiliated. Unfortunately, this disorder is partly attributed to the lack of skills in mingling with other people and dealing with social events which can even result to panic attacks. Plus, people who inhibits social anxiety disorder also suffer from anticipatory anxiety, a case where in the person anticipates the possibility even before happening. Ideally, these people should follow the best anti-stress tips to suppress social anxiety.  

Social anxiety is a result of a particular situation. Imagine people suffering from extreme fear of speaking on public. They can help you understand what social anxiety is. Sad to say, this disorder is not only triggered by single condition because there are several instances where in social anxiety attacks a person.

What are the causes of social anxiety disorder?

Biological factor

Study reveals that this kind of anxiety disorder is associated to inherent functioning of the brain circuits which is responsible in stimulating emotional aspects. In addition, social anxiety disorder is also found out to be associated with genetic factors. This is because having a relative which is also adept to the situation has been found out to increase the possibility of suffering from the same dilemma.

Psychological factor

Undeniably, the irrigational fear is rooted from the feeling   of obtaining embarrassment and humiliation in the past.   In short, if a person   experiences instances such a being neglected or bullied by other people in the past, the chance of having social anxiety disorder is higher.

Environmental factor

One of the causes of social anxiety disorder is basing your behaviour from other people’s experiences. Just for instance, you have witnessed someone who has tried to speak in front of many people in which the next scene is that he is being laughed by people around him because he has committed an error.

Social anxiety disorder can be treated by different layers of both psychological and cognitive measures.

Treatments Medication

People who are suffering from social anxiety disorder can make use of a dietary supplement such as ADDERPLEX pill. It has Ginkgo Biloba extracts that does not only help improve mental skills but also enhance social relevance skills. It is also an effective remedy to stress. Plus, it’s a powerful ADHD treatment. Meanwhile, other people also use sedative.


Counselling is also helpful in enhancing the social skill which is a part of the pursuit of recovering from social anxiety disorder. Whether you or someone you know has some difficulties in dealing with other people, attending counseling sessions are a great way.

Cognitive behavior therapy

This treatment aims to direct the person into a rational perspective in dealing with particular situations. This therapy comes with desensitization in which the person is subjected to an environment where in he envisions his feared situation. Hence, the patient is provided with an avenue to overcome the fear in controlled and relaxed setting.

Don’t let social anxiety takes your life on. Follow these tips and regain a renewed alertness, added attention, and more improved social skills.

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