Fitness Tea Ingredients: A Closer Look to Weight Loss Drinks & Supplements

With the increase in demand for weight loss supplements and drinks comes the emergence of several detox drinks, each promising a unique formulation and effectiveness. Among of which are a fitness tea- a, a self-proclaimed “best tea for weight watchers”.

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What is a fitness tea?

Fitness tea is simple a tea specifically formulated using all-natural ingredients known to be effective in diets & weight loss. The product claims to shed those stubborn fats in your thighs, belly and the rest of your body. Moreover, this promises an increased energy, eliminate unwanted toxins, increase immune response and suppress appetite.

Fit Tea Ingredients

Fitness teas claim a unique formulation combining essential natural ingredients. These have said to be responsible for reducing excessive weight and helping an individual achieve his dream body structure. Among of which are the following:

Ashwagandha Tea

This ingredient is known to be rich in antioxidants known as catechins. Studies have suggested its power to increase energy through boosting metabolism temporarily.

Organic Rooibos

Also referred as red-bush tea and is known to be caffeine free and semi-sweet. While this is commonly known to be rich in antioxidants, its bioactive still remain far below of what catechins possess. Nevertheless, it greatly helps in lowering levels of blood glucose through moderately constraining carbohydrate absorption.

Oolong Wu Yi

This tea is made from similar plants used to produce green and black teas. This has antioxidants and caffeine which is known to help boost mental alertness and weight loss.


Ginseng is believed to be an appetite suppressant. This may trigger thermogenesis and muscles in the digestive tracts.


Commonly used in diet pills and energy drinks and is a rich source of caffeine, can boost mental alertness and metabolism


It is rich in essential nutrients needed to lose weight and improve health.


Alternative to sugar, and can help in reducing sweet cravings


A diuretic which may decrease bloating and, effective for detoxification

Honey Powder and Corn

Rich in essential nutrients and enhances flavor.

The combination of these ingredients is said to be powerful in terms of fat burning and in reducing weight. But what is really great with this combination is its good taste. Whether or not it is true to its promises, one thing is for sure- you will enjoy the drink. Basically, just like any other drinks out there, it also requires commitment of constant drinking and following the recommended consumption.

Can fitness teas bring guaranteed weight loss result?

Looking in a clinical perspective, the above mentioned ingredients are known to be helpful in some benefits the product claim to provide. Nevertheless, those ingredients alone can help you keep those extra weight off. Though in terms of detoxification, the blend of ingredients can generally be effective.

Note that fitness teas may have ingredients that contain high level of caffeine. Meaning, people who are sensitive to such stimulants are better off when they avoid it.

Overweight individuals tend to have lower self-esteem, which basically affects the way they live. People who are in such situation are constantly looking for effective ways to burn belly fats, but oftentimes end up frustrated. Taking a doctor recommended dietary supplement can be a great solution!

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