German Chamomile for Body & Brain Health: Benefits & Side Effects

There are so many essential oils out there and one of them is the German Chamomile Essential Oil. This chamomile essential oil has it scientific name Matricaria chamomilla. German Chamomile is a tiny daisy-like flower with a white collar circling raised, yellow centers, cone-shaped and is usually growing to a thin and light green stems. This sometimes grows wild and closes into the ground.  It is a native plant of Europe, to Africa and into some other parts of Asian country.

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Benefits of German Chamomile Essential Oils

  • It is also used as a cure for the stomach cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, PMS, diarrhea, indigestion and other stomach related problems. It is helpful in muscle contractions especially into smooth muscles.
  • It is used to support entire body on a natural response to irritation and injury taken.
  • It has also contains compound of chamazulene which is said to be capable of supporting the body with its powerful properties especially in clearing heat of the body.
  • It is known for its use for treating any types of skin irritations like eczema. This very effective in soothing the skin once applied to the affected areas of the body.
  • It is has also therapeutic properties which are very helpful for any type of health problems.
  • It is also used to reduce insomnia and anxiety. It is said to be an effective reduction treatment product for relieving stress and anxiety or in helping them to sleep.
  • It also promotes mental relaxation.

Side Effects of German Chamomile Essential Oils

  • This can be unsafe if a pregnant woman uses this because this can also be a reason for miscarriage.
  • Woman, who has a history of hormone sensitive to cancers, might have also some of the negative effects because it acts as estrogen to the body. Just like before taking body and brain supplement, it is better to consult doctor first before using this oil.  
  • Drinking concentrated chamomile tea may also lead into vomiting.
  • It is not ideal for those who have asthma.
  • It is not advisable to use when you are going to drive because it cause drowsiness.
  • There will also be the possibility of bleeding when it is used before two weeks of surgery or for a dental surgery.
  • This may also lower the blood which may result you to have a low blood.

German Chamomile Essential oil is being extracted through through distillation of those fresh flowers with its yielding of 0.2- 0.4 percent. Since this is an essential oil, this takes assurance for you that it is a safe essential oil for you to use. It is non- toxic and non-irritant essential oils. Only that a high dosage of this concentrated essential oil is not advisable for a regnant to use.

Using German Chamomile Essential Oil can help you to experience a good result for any problems of the body that it can possibly treat. Do not hesitate to give it a try but to improve body and brain health.

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