Health & Weight Loss: How to Cheat with Diet and get away with it?

Everybody wants a healthy and beach perfect body. Perhaps, your goal this year is to hit the gym at least three times a week, take in healthy foods, and ward off those unhealthy ones. C’mon! That is easier said than done. There are lots of mouthwatering treats out there that get absolutely ruin your diet and distractions that can keep you from accomplishing your fitness goal. Obviously, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is now a real challenge. However, you do not have to be too harsh on yourself, either.

Just like an aboriginal, you cannot force yourself to eat this and only this for a very long period especially if you are not really used to it. However, that does not mean you should also give up your fast weight loss goal. There is what we call ‘cheating’ and below are some effective ways and tips on how to cheat with the diet and get away with it.

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Minimize your cheating period

Countless individuals are often committed to their diet for weekdays.  Subsequently, will eat everything they want on weekends. Some think that a week of good and honest weekday diet will outweigh the ‘cheating’ during weekends. We are not saying that cheating on weekends is a no-no. It is just that sometimes women begin their binge on Friday night instead of having it on Saturday and will continue this until Sunday night. Worse, the cheating leaks into weekdays. There is nothing wrong about cheating but cheating for long will just put all your health and diets & weight loss goal.

Are you craving for Fast Foods? Get some but leave fries in the table!

Did you know that potatoes have been once considered as one of the MOST calorific and fattening foods you can ever have? It can have a huge glycemic index of around 80 to 85. This is even 3x fattening compared to your favorite ice cream. Therefore, if you are craving for fast foods, then you can have even the biggest burger and you are forgiven. But not the fries! And if you really care about your goal to burn belly fats, you can forgive yourself through leaving the burger bun in your plate and opting for water instead of soft drink.

Avoid Cheating during Workout days

Women who are in a strict diet should be cautious when cheating during workout. Usually, people who cheat before hitting the gym tend to pass out or throw up. Many believe that it is because of their diet but the truth is this is the result of cheating when in a diet especially if you are taking Paleo diet. It is not the exercise nor your diet that made you feel quite bad. It is the food you cheat that made you feel that way. To avoid such instances, better schedule your cheat day then have some time to recover before hitting the gym.

Cheating- there is no reason to be guilty!

Cheating is bad…. but not really in terms of diet. Feeling guilty will just make your situation worse. Enjoy the food you are craving for and then go back to your regular diet. You should understand that cheating does nothing good on your body. Strive to have a day without cheating, though. You may also try super herbs and dietary supplements like Ashwagandha.

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