Health & Weight Loss: The 5 Elements of Wellness and What They Mean to You

Wellness can be referred as the overall state of human’s life. It is the totality of man not just in terms of diets & weight loss but also in other aspects of life. It is the overall integration of the different aspects in one’s life. It can also be the overall existence of a man in this world. It is also the overall purpose of man in every dimension of wellness in his life.

What are those dimensions of wellness and what do they mean to you?  Here are the 5 elements of wellness explained briefly to enlighten your mind:

Wise Living Key Points

Physical Wellness

This would refer as the physical outlook or characteristics of human. But in the deeper meaning, physical health would mean the ability of our body to perform daily tasks without having any bad effect to our body. It includes our ways on how to care for our physical attributes and to our daily routines in life. It also refers to our physical ability to change something better than what we have done worse. It’s a product of deliberate efforts on physical aspects such as eating the healthiest foods and doing exercise.

Social Wellness

Interaction in our outer world is very important to attain social wellness. Being able to interact and communicate with other people is the main point in this element. We must set a positive relationship to our social environment to contribute to social wellness. Try discovering people and reaching on them, do something that you haven’t done before and surely you’ll get result that you had never imagined before.  Society will be our target place here. Get out of that box where most people are stuck in. Don’t just focus on doing fast weight loss, try to go beyond the bouts and make your way to the social level.

Intellectual Wellness

We all have the power to use our mind to think logically and critically. In intellectual wellness, you must have the ability of being open-minded about the new ideas and be able to cope with the changes that the world is offering to us. Continuous growing is what we want here. Discovering new things and adding it to our stock knowledge will make us learn something better.

Emotional Wellness

This refers to our ability to understand ourselves in times of any emotions we are suffering and to appropriately and comfortably express it. Our ability to understand the reality of the world might affect us. This will greatly affect the other elements of wellness if not managed well. This has the power to influence whatever decisions we are to make in our life. Take this instance, in achieving guaranteed weight loss, don’t easily get upset if you don’t lose fats after a week.

Spiritual Wellness

Lastly, this element will provide you the ability to live life in peace and harmony. The ability that will make values and actions congruent. This is a very strong guide to all of us, the element that will offer us the true meaning and value of life. If you have the ability to have your own belief in life, value it as you value your life.

So what’s the lesson here? To live a meaningful life, we should not just focus on burning calories and fats in our body. We must also put serious thought in honing other aspects of our lives.

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