Healthy Bacteria in Kefir Probiotic for Weight Loss and Health

Perhaps, you are already aware of the health benefits of yogurt. However, did you ever know that you could get them in a drink too? That’s right! Just like yogurt, kefir probiotics is a type of cultured milk product that has a tart and sour taste. And it works to burn belly fats!

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What is Kefir?

Kefir is a type of fermented drink product which is widely known in particular cultures for many centuries now. The term ‘kefir’ originated from the Turkish term ‘keif’ which means ‘good feeling’.  Kefir was developed in the mountains of Caucasus generated from the milk of any ruminant animals like sheep, goats and cows.

Probiotics are one of the healthiest foods or “superfoods,” which come along with nutritious microorganisms. More than 100 years of modern research have been executed and they backup the health benefits of Kefir. Thanks to its healthy bacteria:


One good thing about kefir probiotics is that it has phosphorus. You are aware that phosphorus is the second most abundant type of mineral inside our bodies. At the same time, it is present in kefir in substantial quantities. This is said to be great news for since this mineral is required to assist our bodies in using carbohydrates for energy and cell growth.


You will find several kefir drinks with added flavors such as fruit, or vanilla. However, you must pay attention to added sugars, which add excessive calories since it could ruin your diets & weight loss journey. But if you want to put some flavor to your kefir probiotics, then you need to make it palatable. You might also want to search for store brands that offers kefir without artificial flavorings.

B Vitamins

Kefir is also a good source of B Vitamins which are important for good functioning and health. It has B12 that is vital for your nervous system and blood. At the same time, it has B1 that is essential to help you endure stress.


Did you know that kefir probiotics is a good way to gain added protein within your diet even with added calories? That’s right. According to dieting books, one serving of nonfat and plain kefir has less than one hundred calories, but it offers 10.5 grams of protein that could aid you feel better.


Every 5-gram serving of this probiotic offers around 20% of the daily RDA for calcium, and it is very essential for the health of your teeth and bones. You could replace a daily dairy serving with kefir to acquire the calcium you need.


Ideally, yogurt is a good source of probiotics. These are live organisms that are naturally present in your digestive tracts. Such organism aids in destroying harmful bacteria and improving your immune systems. However, kefir is a better source of probiotics – three times the good source of yogurt.

Currently, there are lots of studies being conducted to find out and document the potential benefits of Kefir both in achieving overall health and guaranteed weight loss result.

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