How to Achieve a newer height of Mental Focus and Brain Health

Hack your way to improve your mental focus and alertness. If you find it hard to concentrate on what you do, go over these brain-boosting tips.

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Give your brain a quick break

You can do it every 30 minutes or at least every hour. Whenever your brain is bound to have a consistent concentration for hours at a time, it suddenly loses processing power and brain focus level slip. It is always better for you to space out your project and take some break or power naps in between to reboot concentration, keeping your brain humming at closer to 100% concentration.

Take nootropics

You can consider taking a mind boosting herb or supplement to support your quest to a healthy mind. For instance, you can consider taking pills with Ashwagandha or Ginkgo Biloba content. They are not only peak nootropics that improve brain health but they also fight stress.

Do not work on your bed, but at a desk. You know that your desk is where you do work and concentrate while your bed is where you sleep. Your mind has these sorts of subconscious associations, which seem you are already sending a sleep signal to your mind, whenever you opt to work on your bed. This results to asking yourself doing two things at once, which in the first place distract you choosing between sleeping or continue concentrating to your work.

As much as possible, shutdown distractions. It depends on you whether you find place where no one has to disturb you. Listening to music, especially instrumental, are proven one of the great way to calm and provide a peace of mind while warding off anxiety and depression. Some people also utilize “white noise apps” which generate non-distracting sound such as ocean waves or falling rain. These sounds could drown out other noise, which helps you to focus better and ignore distractions.

Learn to meditate

Remember that meditation is considered as the most powerful of all the concentration enhancement techniques. It will keep your mind free from stress, depression and other stressors that affect your concentration. You need to learn at least few meditation techniques and be able to practice them five minutes daily.

Drink lot of water. Most people would often do not think about drinking water while they are at work. But did you know that dehydration can make you feel tired, slow, irritable or even sick? Once your brain does not receive enough fluid, they cannot operate at its peak performance. If you keep yourself hydrated, you are likely to help your brain perform better.

Have a balanced diet. If you really want to master concentration, you need to develop a controlled and balanced diet. Eating a lot creates a huge load of your digestion, which can make you feel sleepy and uncomfortable. But if you prefer eating light and healthy meals, you can possibly maximize your ability to concentrate. You can also research for a potent brain food.

One of the best general solutions is through keeping yourself healthy.

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