How to Activate Brain Focus during work, play & other Activities

How can we cultivate mindfulness? Although this is a practice that is synonymous – to most people at least – to formal meditation, mindfulness can nevertheless be achieved in other ways. Mindfulness is not actually about closing your eyes, sitting down and meditating.

Instead, what mindfulness is really about is in living life to the fullest each moment, making each moment count and treasuring every moment as if it is the most important thing in the world, one moment at a time. If you are you known someone who wants to improve his body or brain health or want to remove his stress in life, it’s a good thing that you’ve landed on this post.

Some succinct guidelines of this body and brain health practice are outlined below.

First, pay attention to your own breathing, especially during times of intense emotions.

Secondly, really notice what you are currently sensing at the present moment. This includes your five physical senses – the sights, sounds, smells and possibly the touch and tastes that you are immersed in right now. You may be surprised that these sensations escape your conscious awareness most of the time. Often, you are just on autopilot, not really aware of the things happening within and without.

Thirdly, recognize that thoughts and feelings are not identifiable to you. You are not your thoughts and you are not your feelings. They do not define you.

Fourthly, you must tune in to the body’s sensations, such as when a raindrop hits your skin or the way your own body feels as it rests on a chair.

Wise Living Key Points

Walking Meditation

This exercise focuses on observing the body as it is walking, while you’re on clear mind.  As one foot touches the ground and the other leaves it, the mind is trained to observe each movement and each moving body part as keenly as possible. Walking is a daily activity which is usually taken for granted. The walking meditation exercise can often be practiced with a back and forth pacing along a 10-paces long pathway or sidewalk. However, it can also be practiced almost anywhere as long as one is walking.

Tai Chi Chuan

The ancient practice of Tai Chi Chuan can be considered a part of Mindfulness meditation. It is a moving meditation that helps practitioners be mindful throughout the exercise. It is designed to send energy and reinvigorate the different parts of the body using slow, simple and easy steps. It improves both body and brain health.

Tai Chi Chuan can be loosely translated as “The Supreme Ultimate,” because it replenishes and balances the energies of the body, bringing health and vitality with the life force known as Chi. At the same time, it also energizes the mind and spirit with higher Chi champion energy, making it a complete system of regeneration for the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies of man.

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