How to Build Brain Focus & Clear Mind through Meditation

Meditation is said to be a famous techniques for stress relief and relaxation that may give significant increase of the ability to focus and concentrate. On the other hand, focus is an ability of paying attention of one thing with an expense of other things. This may be hard to achieve with our society which emphasizes success and multitasking. To increase one’s ability to focus may foster creativity, promoting skills in problem solving and minimizing stress associated in handling many task just at once.

In this article you will learn some ideas on how to improve your brain focus through meditation. This will be a great for you especially if you have many things to do. This will give great effect in everything you do either in your home, workplace or even in your personal life.

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Listening to One’s Breathing

According to the Mayo Clinic, if a person is meditating, he must focus only to one thing. Then let the other thoughts just pass by. To someone who experience difficulty in paying attention for one thing is said to be very daunting. The easiest way of getting started is simply listening to the breathing.

You need to sit comfortably so you will not get distracted by the physical pain. And close the eyes then listen to the breath. With your nose, you need to breathe in then out. Thus, do not try controlling the depth and rate of the breath. If there are thoughts crowding your clear mind during meditation, allow them to fade by refocusing through listening in your breath. Feel how your breaths flow down into your throat. Feel also your abdomen as it expands then just stay here by the time you can.

Keep still

Most of the people are fretful. Thus, it can be a help to focus through putting yourself in control of the physical body in place of being controlled of the comfort. Sit comfortably as long as you can. Focus requires ignoring your body then sitting perfectly will surely calm the mind and will increase the ability to perform better over time.

Using of Mantra

By the time you get to sit comfortably as you listen with your breathing in an extended time without experiencing any difficulty it is best to try mantra. Mantra is just simply repeated syllable, phrase and word that will help you to focus. At the time of your session in meditation keep on repeating the mantra all over again and again.

Simple mantra is the vibration sound of “ohm” that you say when exhaling for each breath. As you inhale, thoughts may try of rushing back in your mind. Then you need to focus keeping your sharp mind to be still as the sound goes with you. This will help you develop the ability of concentrating continually with one thing even though there are interruptions.

If you find it hard focusing, try to consider meditation. This may help you build your focus that will lead to a productive life. Take this as a great step of a life well spent.

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