How to Help your loved ones get through Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety develops for different reasons in elder people, including physical and emotional stress. Learn how to help your loved ones get through the anxiety of ageing.

Wise Living Key Points

Know the symptoms

Keep in mind that anxiety and depression is not just a simple stress. If your loved one is not taking their meals for a few days, it could mean that he is suffering from the depression. It could be the same case when he loses interest in activities that he used to do.

Talk about how your loved one feels

If your dad is already unable to drive, giving him a ride or paying for his commute won’t hurt. Caregivers can also help by asking their parents how they feel about the loss. Learning from their emotions provides caregivers an idea for support and comfort to overcome anxiety and stress.

Watch out for subtle signs

At some point, your loved one may say, “I am not lonely”.  While you know it’s not true, they utter these words because they hate to be a burden to the family.

Get help

It’s a blessing to take care of our ageing loved ones, but whether we admit it or not, it could be very exhausting. Also, some families don’t have so much time to watch over their families. In cases like this, hiring a professional caregiver is a great help.

Don’t take over their lives

It is not a good idea for caregivers or family members to do those things for ageing loved ones that can still do by themselves. This is because it may reinforce their thought that they are already incapable and worthless. Instead, it is way better if you help your loved ones break tasks into small steps and praise them for their efforts.

Encourage them to take Ashwagandha

This is one of the most potent herbal remedies for anxiety that will totally give you the best solution to alleviate depression. Particularly, you may not know that this is also used in nootropics, giving huge benefits for our brain function. It is packed with anti-stress bioactive constituents that relieve anxiety and panic attacks.

Let them get the right dose from the sunlight

Exposing themselves a bit to the sunlight every day is also an effective way to deal with anxiety depression. Let them take a short break and then take a short walk outside. Try to sit out with them in your garden or go for a people-watch on the park. At least 15-minute exposure to sunlight in a day helps in boosting their mood and brain health as well.

Be a part of the medical care

With the advent of new laws in confidentiality, geriatric psychiatrists aren’t allowed to share information to families without the permission of their patient. And it’s a good thing that many older people give the go signal. Family members can be an active part of the team by letting their doctors know that they notice.

These tips can help your loved ones overcome the anxiety of ageing.

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