Is General Motors 7 day diets & Weight Loss Plan right for Me?

Have you come across different fitness articles just to burn those extra fats but all in vain? If so, the right solution is now within your hands. Thanks to General Motor’s 7 diet plan. As the name itself implies, it promises fast way to burn belly fat within 7 days. So what is all about the GM 7-day diet plan and what are the engagements for each day? Is this diet plan right for you?

The General Motors 7-day diet plan is a dietary program designed with some similar principles with other nutritional programs only that it utilizes the most beneficial weight loss methods. Furthermore, this program guides you to the best meals to lose weight for the week.  It is concentrated on intake of foods that have high content of fibers, protein, carbohydrates and fats. Here’s a roundup of this diet plan.

Wise Living Key Points

Day 1

The first day is the adjustment day. For fast weight loss result, get down to simple diet plan for weight loss. You will eat pure water and fruits. For a rule of a thumb, you should avoid eating bananas and drinking juices. For breakfast, it is recommended for you to eat apples plus two glasses of water. Watermelon is good for lunchtime and dinner.

Day 2

On Day 2, you will be encouraging to eat green foods. For maximized efficiency to burn calories and extra fats, fresh vegetables are advised for dieters.  It is also focused on taking in multiple glasses of pure water. Additionally, baked potatoes can also help you start the day right.

Day 3

On this day, you will combine the two focused meals on the previous couple of days. Hence, you will opt for fresh fruits and vegetables. While you should only go for water, you should also avoid potatoes and bananas.

Day 4

This day is when you are advised to take in General Motor’s soups. If you decline your urge for bananas on the first three days, fret not because you will be allowed to have bananas on day 4. Milk and water are also included.

Day 5

Water is essential in diets & weight loss, and you can have it on day 5. You will also include tomatoes in your diet along with brown rice and lean meat. This is somewhat similar to day 4, though you are not allowed to go for milk.

Day 6

Prepare for GM soup and plenty of green veggies. You will also eat some lean meat with ideal water intake. In this day, vegetables will prevail on your meal coupled with general motor’s soup.

Day 7

This is a good day for vegetables and fruit juices. Plus, you will also be encouraged to eat brown rice. As the finale, veggies and some meat push out fats of the body.

Whether or not General Motor’s 7-day diet plan is right for you depends on your body’s reaction to a particular dietary scheme. But this diet plan is worth a try as it focuses around eating natural foods. Just couple it with dedication and the eagerness to lose those extra fats, keep your weight loss motivation burning, and you will surely achieve that bod you want.

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