Different Mindfulness Techniques to Fight Stress and Improve Brain Power

Mindfulness as a technique in fighting stress and improving brain function has come a long way in history. Going back to the old days, different mindfulness traditions were practiced for cleansing.

Aside from the usual mindfulness physical workout that you can see even to date, there are also other traditions that are associated to mindfulness. Basically, these traditions were designed to deal with stress and improve brain power at the same time. The mind has a power to make changes in your life. So by thinking positively, you can break away from stress. Hence, there are some traditions related to mindfulness which can help you fight stress and enhance your brain performance.

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Zen Meditation

This type of mindfulness tradition calms the human body and mind. It allows the body to discover insights in one’s personality. Mediation can help you to create an interaction of your being. The proper meditations are done through correct sitting positions, closing mind through thought and images. If you do so, your breathing will be low as well as your heart rate.  Zen Mediation is widely used around the world because of the benefits it provides to people, in terms of both body and brain health.


Studies have found out that yoga is effective in getting rid of all the pressures that people encounter on their everyday lives. Once they learned techniques that will enrich their self-health and inner enjoyment, they will be able to navigate all daily challenges including anxiety depression. Physically, yoga can enhance the strength, flexibility and coordination on your body. The sense of concentration and relaxation will be improved once you developed all the techniques needed to acquire all the benefits out of a yoga lesson. The sense of calmness will also be enhanced as you learn relaxation techniques at the end of the day.

Mindful Listening

This technique is usually done to break away from the dark full past that one has experienced so he can come into his or he present awareness. In this mindfulness tradition, the person selects a song that he or she has not yet heard of and just let himself or herself be carried away by the song. They listen to it without judgment or preconception on the things like the artist, the genre of music and others.

One Minute Breathing

This brain boosting and calming technique has been a great way starting self-meditation. The person usually starts this exercise by breathing slowly in and out. You will have to do repeatedly do it in the span of one minute. This will relax your mind as if taking your thoughts into valleys or wonderful environment.

There are many ways on how you can combat stress through the power of mind. It had been known to be practiced by ancient people. That is why if you really want to stay healthy, mindfulness exercise is worth a try. Or, you may also try taking a doctor recommended brain support supplement.

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