How to Beat Treadmill Boredom to Achieve Guaranteed Weight Loss Result

Yes, treadmill offers a great chance for many people to burn calories and lose weight. However, it could bring boredom to anyone. Treadmill boredom is among the reasons why many individuals would rather ignore the said workout than putting serious thought into it. It’s a good thing that there are several things that you could consider in order to beat treadmill boredom. To ward off treadmill boredom, here’s what you need to know:

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Interval Workout

Instead of running into constant pace, you could try mixing up your run routine with easy and hard segments. Interval workouts could simply let you avoid boredom brought by working out on a treadmill.

Run with a friend

If you have a friend that who is also working out on a treadmill, you could consider running next to each other. You have the chance to talk with your friend, which can help your weight loss motivation stay alive. The next thing you know– your workout time just goes by faster.

Mix up strength-training exercises

After doing your warm-up session, you could run at a comfortable pace for almost five minutes. Step off and do some strength training exercises like push-ups, crunches, dips and lunges.

Work on Stride Turn-Over Improvement

Running on treadmill could be your opportunity to improve your stride turnover. Count the times that your one foot hits the belt within a minute and try to double the number in order to stride count. With that, you could avoid treadmill boredom while leading to you to fast weight loss result.

Zone Out

Since you run without having to think about any route, you will be given the chance to lose the rhythm of breathing or pounding feet. Consider blocking everything that might be around you and try entering a peaceful and relaxing state. With that, treadmill boredom will be changed into peace of mind.

Listen to music

It is said that running on a treadmill with headphones could be a great way to beat treadmill boredom. You could choose from motivating songs as well as creating playlist during your workout. It might be helpful in preventing you from checking clock continually just to see the duration of the running session you have to go though.

Alternate with Cardio Machine

To prevent boredom during your diets & weight loss journey, don’t just stick on treadmill. Try some other machines in the gym like elliptical or bike trainer. Cardio workout is a great idea to consider wherein you are to run on the treadmill within a certain time and then you are to try another machine for the same time duration and repeat the workout up until you complete the required session. Once you get home, running into the stairs up and down could be an alternative as well.

Now who says that treadmill boredom can’t be avoided? All you just need is to follow the tips mentioned above, keep your motivation alive and put serious thought into everything to burn belly fats.

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