Does Red Wine Burn Calories and Improve Health?

A red wine is considered one of the blisses in life. If you’re a red wine enthusiast, you are probably familiar with pinot noir, nebbiolo, cabernet, cannonau, zinfandel and many more. These are some of the names that you perhaps considered as your dear friends in times of distress and happiness. And almost certainly, you are aware of the borderline between enjoying the red wine and the terrible costs of boozing. But how do you control it when red wine is sometimes irresistible? As long as you know your limitations in drinking, you’ll be fine and you’re doing a healthy thing. In fact, science supports that red wine drinking has plenty of benefits both for health and diets & weight loss.

However, although science supports it, we should not go beyond the bouts.  Red wine can give many health benefits but drinking more than the recommended medical dosage may put your health at risk or even worse. Usually, the considered safe and effective dose of alcohol in men is 300 ml or two glasses of red or white wine each day. For women, 150 ml or one glass of red or white wine per day is recommended. Now you know the safety limit, you are ready to know the top 5 Interesting Reasons why you should drink red wine.

Wise Living Key Points

Red wine helps to burn calories

A substance named high-fiber Tempranillo used in making red wines are believed to have an essential effect on cholesterol levels. This is based from the study conducted by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain. The participants who drank the same grape supplement in wine noticed that their bad cholesterol level decrease by 9% on healthy individuals while the people who have high cholesterol have seen a drop of 12% of their cholesterol levels. Hence, it can be an aid to those who want to burn belly fats.

Red wine makes your heart healthy

It has been found that red wine reduces the risk of having cardiovascular disease due to its antioxidants called procyanidin.  

It minimizes the risk of getting cancer

A study conducted by several clinical pharmacologists found out that the compound called phenolic found in red wine prevents the initiation, progression and growth of cancer cells in the human body.

It boosts the mind

Red wine can help preserve the memory. Researchers who conducted studies in memory retention found out that the respondent who consumed red wine daily scores much better compared to those who drank less or even not at all.

Red wine helps you get in shape

According to a recent research, people who consume wine daily in moderation have lesser body mass compared to those who drink occasionally. Moderate drinkers have good shaped waists and less abdominal fats. Hence, it can support your journey to achieve fast weight loss.

Yes, red wine provides a lot of benefits, if and only if taken in moderation. Whether you want to achieve guaranteed weight loss result or enhanced overall health, make sure that you do it with discipline, motivation and patience.  

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