Easy tips to fight Anxiety Depression caused by a Stressful World

The modern world is a hectic and stressful world. It’s endlessly busy. You go about your day doing multiple tasks while, paradoxically, you are never really present in any of those many things you are simultaneously doing. You juggle having conversations with your friends or loved ones while watching the evening news, all while fiddling with your phone scrolling through your Facebook News Feed and answering a number of text messages. You eat your dinner while scolding your kids and thinking about your laundry and mortgage and a number of other mundane concerns, all while listening to the radio and getting annoyed by the noises your neighbors are routinely making.

Wise Living Key Points

Get the right dose from the sunlight

Exposing yourself a bit to the sunlight every day is also an effective way to deal with anxiety depression. Take a short break from what you’re doing and then take a short walk outside. Try to sit out in your garden or go for a people-watch on the park. At least 15-minute exposure to sunlight in a day helps in boosting your mood.


Practicing relaxation is also an anti-anxiety technique that can help you relieve the debilitating effects of depression. It reduces stress and improves your feelings of delight and well-being. Some of the most effective relaxation techniques that you can practice include deep breathing, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation and meditation. Keeping yourself relaxed for the day doesn’t just boost your mood but it also helps you ward off negative thinking from your system.

Include exercise in your routine

Someone who suffers from depression usually finds it hard to get out of bed. But exercise is an effective depression buster. Research shows that including regular exercise in your life can be a powerful medication in relieving the symptoms of depression and even panic attacks. To get the most beneficial effect, at least exercise for 30 minutes a day.


The negative vibes around us are recurring, and they take a great toll from our lives. If you, at some point in your life, are depressed and frustrated, take time to reinforce yourself with inner peace and stillness, meditate on the things around you, get your senses alive, and come back in life with a different approach to a newer you. To achieve this, the best answered prayer for you is to practice the art of mindfulness meditation

If you’ve done those self-help tips and made a positive change to your lifestyle, but your depression is still running your day, it’s best to seek professional help. You may also consider taking herbs for anxiety.       

While it is true that you cannot live a great life with textbook form, we can craft our own unique life stories with amazing chapters to tell. Just couple it with discipline and success is within reach.

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