Factors That Can Affect Memory

Memory has been the most mysterious mental faculties among human since time immemorial. Most people are thinking that if an individual was born with a good memory, he has luck. We have a tendency of categorizing people into two segments, and these are people with good memory and those who do not have.

There’s a misconception that individual with poor memory and brain focus is cursed for a lifetime, and regardless of what he does, there is no way to improve the memory capacity of a person. A very little percentage of world population has a good knowledge about how memory works, and why our memory usually fails and how we will be able to keep in mind particular things as well.

Well, two people in the world have exactly the same memory capacity. It may sound exceptional, but it is opposed with our everyday experience about witnessing individuals with different levels of memory. If we would really get into the basics, each human being has exactly the same brain mass. It is estimated that every brain is consists of billions of neurons. Every neuron has the capability of making millions of connections with other neurons. Do you feel like people around you have a better memory than you? It might not be just an imagination. The fact is that some people really do have poor memory as compared to others.

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Factors Affecting Memory

There are some factors affecting the capability of a person to have a good memory and understanding these factors will be able to help in improving your memory and brain health as well.  Actually, there are several factors affecting your memory, which may result in poor memory development.


Among the main factors with relation to memory loss is the process of aging. Just like many other things regarding the body, the memory will just become less effective in the golden years. While there may not be much that you can do to be able to turn the hands of time back, ensuring to take exercise and eating healthy foods for the brain during your younger years will help you in staving off the memory problems in your older years.

Drugs, alcohol and meds

Some drugs and medications can also affect your memory. That’s why you better talk to your doctor first when planning to take a brain support supplement. Also, alcohol use has been known to affect the memory negatively too. As we all know, drinking too much can cause temporary memory loss and poor memory, which disable you to recall what happened while drinking. If you consume great amount of alcohol on a frequent basis, it may result to B12 deficiency and it will seriously affect your nervous system, with your short term memory becoming a permanent matte. Thus, if you would use alcohol, it is essential that you analyze the frequency that you are drinking and cut back or even cut out your alcohol use completely to be able to take advantage of having a better memory.

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