How to Deal with the Anxiety and Stress of Schooling

According to a new research, there is a link between children’s performance at schools and the anxiety and stress they feel. In fact, chronic stress is found out to cause a negative impact to the ability of children to think clearly and control emotions. When stress prevails on a child, the ability to think is diminished. On the other hand, when they break off from stress, they maximize their ability to think straight making them perform well at school.

As parents, your goal now is to determine when and why children suffer from anxiety and stress and what are the ways on how to deal with it. With this, here are the things that usually causes stress in kids.

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Frustrations and demands

When children are unable to u surpass the demand of their teachers, they usually feel frustrated while they build they thought that his or her classmates are better than her.

Negative feelings

It has been well documented that children who suffer from negative feelings tend to lose their alertness and brain focus in learning causing their performance to decline

Changes in their bodies  

Physical as well as emotional changes can also be factor in the performance level of the child in school

Financial constraints

This is undoubtedly a significant reason why children usually lose their alertness in school. This is because they are subject to constraints when it comes to school events especially those that require monetary value.

How to deal with stress

In order for your children to perform well in school, there is a need for every parent to help them manages stress. As such, here are the best ways on how you can do the trick.

  • Monitor their brain function, behaviour and health. In connection to this, you need to watch for any sign of overloading. In this case, giving them lecture is not the best way. Instead, you have to ask them and how they do and lend your ears as they raise their concerns.
  • As a parent, you should also be role model when it comes to dealing with stress.  Show them the proper skills by managing your own.
  • Indulge your child to various activities that can boost the mood of the child. You can point them to sports, volunteer activities, or music and art. Such activities are effective in reducing stress of your children.
  • You should also teach them the importance of daily exercise as they are also essential in developing the cognitive nutrition and skill of children. Say for instance, let them take a walk every morning or have some jogging sessions with them on your lawn.
  • Break bulk of tasks into more attainable chunks. Children tend to be frustrated when they are faced with large tasks that they think impossible to accomplish.   You can turn negative self-talk to positive one. Say for instance, when your children claims that he can’t do it, make them say they will do all the best they can.

Try these tips to help kids overcome school anxiety.

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